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Calendar Age vs Real Age!

Posted by gottabkd on Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Does your lifestyle reflect your age? Too much stress, not enough sleep, no exercise, to much alcohol not enough veggies and fruits?

Have you looked at your friends lately? I mean really looked at ’em? Do they appear to look older or younger than you? Are they aging better, or heaven forbid, worse?
Are you???


Ever wondered if your calendar age matched your real age? Ever wonder if you could feel younger? Healthier? Better all around? Ever wondered what you could do to take back several years of your life?

Well at you can take a survey to find out if your lifestyle is hurting or helping your calendar age and exactly what Real Age your lifestyle is making you.

Complete the survey, it’s a bit long, enter your name and email and have the results emailed to you in a matter of hours. I got mine in 30 minutes.

Once received, go back to the site and view/print your results along with suggestions as to how to reverse your “Real Age” to a much healthier and younger you in just 90 days…..

Both men and women can complete the survey but you need to know your blood pressure, cholesterol as well as any other medical history within your family. Have your vitamins handy to give the levels of them as well.


The survey is really quite simple and quite astounding with the results. My real age was 20 years older, not surprising, because of being a smoker and not an exerciser really hurt my score.

Take it, it’s easy and offers real ways to counter balance the aging process, get fit, stay young and be healthier. Besides, 90 days is just in time for swimsuit weather 🙂

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