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Let’s Not Forget

Remembrance Day is.... A day to think about all those individuals who have fought for our freedoms, especially here in the western world... Freedoms that most people in other countries have yet to enjoy.... I often wonder what the children of today will remember about those individuals who continue to fight for our freedoms. All… Continue reading Let’s Not Forget

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Ever felt this way?

I received this by email and well, I am sure some people have felt this way... at least once in their lives.... go ahead, have a chuckle.... Dear  Tide: I am writing to say what an excellent product you have. I've used it all of my married life, as my Mom always told me it… Continue reading Ever felt this way?

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As I lie here listening to the thunder roll in Flashes of light light up the room I think of the past present and future to come And I feel strangely blue As the storm rolls in I remember Everything. happens. for. a. reason It often comes after the fact That the understanding has meaning… Continue reading Drifting

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Making Changes.

Hi there.... this blog is undergoing some changes.... it's about time no? If you'd care to help, tell me what you like or what you don't like in the comments below. Any guidance is much appreciated.... Thanks and have a gr8t day 😀 Cheers.... Till Next Time..... And don't forget to © 2006 - infinity… Continue reading Making Changes.

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What a great word that is: Discombobulated Ever felt that? The dictionary says this: It's such a great word for describing a disconnection to something or someone. That's how I feel about this space, that I have been discombobulated from it for a time, just now reconnecting. Things happen, things change but the great thing… Continue reading Discombobulated

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The Day You Were Born.

Ever wondered what went on in the world on the exact day you were born? No, really? Like you know already, right? Face it, you were to young to remember or even have knowledge of what happened that day except the fact that your parents were probably very excited about it all, unless they were… Continue reading The Day You Were Born.