Friday the 13th – PD13

I have decided to combine all my post and links to this fabulous event into one page, that way, it will be easier for you to locate the information you need on Port Dover and the infamous Friday the 13th in Southern Ontario Canada.

Each year has at least one Friday the 13th with most having two. With any luck they will fall into the warmer months and more bikers will partake in this people watching, motorcycling drooling, shenanigan happening event.

To get you cultured on the event here is a video that includes some history on the event. I suggest you start here:

New for 2011: You can also watch the days happenings via Main Street Port Dover on USTREAM Just click on the link and a new window will open for your viewing pleasure.

Post #1 Information I gleaned from my 1st visit
Post #2 More excitement
Post #3 More info + excitement chock full of good stuff
Post #4 The day of
Post #5 Motorcycle porn… errr I mean pics lol © All rights reserved
Post #6 More porn from 2008 & a Guinness Record© All rights reserved
Post #7 2009 and updates

You may also want to follow them on Twitter although there has been no action on the account in some time. Sad really because they could really “socialize” this event better.

Of course you can go to their new and not so improved website .

I am really sad this is not a more completed website and they have an “under construction” notice up. Seriously… you have been in operation since the 80’s and that all you got…. *thinks they need to make ME social director*
Sorry but this is such an institution here in Ontario Canada and when they still have not gotten their act together, it makes me sad, so I try to make up for it here  😀

What do you think? Does lack of professionalism deter you from events like this?

Of course I strongly urge a no drinking and driving policy for everyone traveling to the event.

The author of this article encourages everyone to ride safe and ride smart.
Please wear all recommended riding gear.
Do not ride beyond your limits.

Please DO NOT drink and drive.
Keep the sunny side up and the rubber side down.


Anywhoooo if you decide to go (in any year it runs) please leave your comments below… I would love to know your thoughts on the event…


Till Next Time…..

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