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I have decided to update this page a little bit because I realize that it really doesn’t say much… not because I do not have much to say, but simply because I did not know what to put on this page when I first completed it.

So here are 10 things you may not know about me or this blog.

1) This is my blog… anything said here cannot be held against me… it is the sole opinion of the author, unless of course the post is written by someone else… till then I cannot be held responsible for the rantings, ravings or downright attitude you may be experiencing during your visit. 😆
2) This blog consists of things that interest me (and hopefully you too) and more specifically : food, motorcycling & motorcycles, photography and lately contests (why? I do not know but they are fun to enter 😉
3) My favourite colour is purple, preferably a deep eggplant purple but most shades are cool to me
4) I will take donations…. I need money… you can send it to my paypal account… leave a comment with your details and I will let you know where to send it 8)
5) I will take products… if necessary, I will review them here for you as long as I get to keep the good stuff… but be warned, I will be brutally honest :mrgreen:
6) Apparently I like to use smileys… often… if that is too cute for you…. oh well get over it… 🙄
7) I can be sporadic at times, allowing life and it’s chaos to get it in it’s way… oh well stuff happens, but if you come back again… that would be awesome … for you and me 😛
8) This is an experiment and may or may not change drastically at any given moment.. you’ve been warned 😯  (who knew the #8 and the right bracket was a smiley?)
9) I like colour and on occasion will dust the posts I write with them… don’t worry, I won’t set off any seizures or make it difficult to read, but once again… you’ve been warned  😯
10) I really, really, really like comments…  and invite you to leave yours… do not be shy, just leave some… your information will be kept private and all comments will be moderated before they appear here. I will not be editing your comments so just know your thoughts are safe with me  😆

I suppose on another day I will update/modify this page again… depending on if I feel like it…. so stay tuned and happy reading….


I am Canadian. Eh?                     

I am into Motorcycles. Zoom Zoom

I am into all things Epicurian. Send me your favourite recipes.

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16 Responses to “Who?”

  1. Jim said

    Hi there.

    Great blog. i would like to speak to you about the advertising chances you have with your site. please get back to me about about this so we can speak further.



  2. gottabkd said

    Hi Jim….

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I kinda like it too. 😉

    Just so you know, this blog is hosted for free at and as a result of their TOS, advertising is not allowed at (it is at for self hosting)

    So until I move to self hosting (check back in the New Year) I cannot advertise here at all.
    Thanks for the offer and kinds words… they are appreciated.

  3. momentsintime said

    Hey there. I just found your blog. Thanks for the link to………and do I know you in like RL?

  4. momentsintime said


    *comment edited by admin*

  5. Ray Romard said

    Hey gottaBKD!
    Finally had the cahoonas to say something nice here! Great site, lots to do for those of us with time on our hands, or watches on our wrists, or seconds to spare…
    Keep doing what you’re doing…it’s awesome.
    Ray xox

  6. gottabkd said

    Hey RR…
    Finally eh??
    Seems we missed each other the other day… me with computer issues… you with ? issues..
    Oh well, next time….
    Take care and thanks for dropping by 😉

  7. CGabriel said

    I like both your blog and the way it’s laid out. I also have a question for you: The “add this” at the end of each of your posts…do you have to add the code to each post individually every time? Or, is there a way that you’ve set up so that the “bookmark” comes up every post automatically? Thanks a bunch and again, cool blog!

  8. gottabkd said

    Hi CGabriel,
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting.
    Actually I use BolgDesk to create my posts and within that I have some “frequently used phrases” that are stored for later use. When the post is finished, I insert the “GimmeSomeSkin and Add This” social bookmarks easily at the end of each post.
    Even the technorati tags are selected from a list stored within BlogDesk. It really is very easy. So Although it is NOT fully automatic, it is very easy to do with BlogDesk.

    The way you have it on yuor site, actually bookmarks your whole blog rather than just one post.

    I rarely sign into WordPress at all 🙂 when I use BlogDesk, except to moderate Spam and comments, or maybe tweak a post.

    Did I mention that BlogDesk is a free editor? You can get your copy at

    Check it out I am sure you will enjoy using it. 😉

  9. Very interesting site. I’m glad I clicked your link. Keep up the good work and I’ll be back often. Eh? Can I link to your page?

  10. gottabkd said

    Ahh thanks Crashnomore3 (love the handle 🙂 )

    Please come back and visit often Eh? 😉

  11. sondan said

    Hi there,

    This is completely off-topic, but I wanted to ask you a question please. I saw your name/blog in a forum thread on using BlogDesk. I have been trying now for about two months to get it to work, but can not get anyone to help me find my BlogID. The program DOES NOT find it automatically so I must enter it manually and can find it no where. Can you please help me out?

    Thank You for your time.

  12. gottabkd said

    Hello Sondan….
    Yes it is true, I use Blogdesk to edit and post to this site. It really is an awesome tool to use and saves having to sign in here. (for most things)

    I am surprised you are having so many difficulties trying to get it to work for you and ecourage you to use the Blogdesk forum (and Johannes)which are very helpful. Johannes responds quickly and thoroughly and is very, very helpful.

    I will try to help you here though, but I do encourage you to use the Blogdesk forum.

    Open Blogdesk, under file select “Manage Blogs”
    When that opens up, click “Add New” and enter the name of your blog there.
    Click next and follow the directions on the screen.
    Once done your blog should be listed there.

    Now… click on Properties and fill in all the little boxes there.
    You will need to enter your WP login in info including password that you use here to sign in.
    Remember that WordPress is UTF-8 “encoding” so you need to select that from the dropdown list.
    You will not know your Blog ID number so click the … box (dotted box)beside it and Blogdesk should fill it in automatically. It’s been a while since I did this, but I believe it will also fill in the rest of the boxes….
    Ensure that “Direct Upload via BlogInterface” is selected under the FTP & Upload tab

    To ensure it is correct go to Extra > Options > New Posts and ensure there is a check in the box next to your site name.

    You can now test it by writing a post and sending it to your Blog. If all goes well… the post should appear on your blog, if not, sign in here and see where it went. You must click Publish after upload for it to appear otherwise look for the post under Manage > Posts here in WP. Your Internet connection will determine how quickly the upload goes, but just be patient… it will eventually load and the screen will clear to a new post page when done.

    I may have missed a couple of things here so I do encourage you to check the BlogDesk forums… all your questions are answered there….

    Cheers and I hope that helps…
    Let me know how it goes or if you need more help 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by.

  13. sndgems said


    Great blog. i would like to know more about the advertising chances you have with your site.

  14. gottabkd said

    Hello Sndgems…

    Chances are… slim to none…

    Here at WP, advertising is not allowed on their “free hosting” sites… Except of course by them!
    If you saw an ad posted here during your visit, I do not receive a nickel from them. The money goes to and they are certainly not buying ME coffee with the proceeds. I actually cannot see the adverts they put up.

    Once I self-host my site, we can talk. So check back in the near future to see if that possibility is “now” available.

    Till then… thanks for visiting and thanks for the compliment 😉

  15. Victor said

    love it love it great blog with lots of interested topics, keep up the good work. Hope to see you at the next port dover bike show.

  16. gottabkd said

    Hello Victor….
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I think it’s kinda cool as well 😉

    Ahhh PD13… only one this year and it’s in June, Friday the 13th, 2008. Hopefully the weather will be good as I am sure the turnout will be very high, being the only one.

    In the meantime, you can get your PD13 fix here… or your motorcycle fix here… LOL 🙂

    Do you currently own and ride? Have you been to PD13 before? Did you like it?

    Cheers 😉

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