The learing curve….

As with all things in life and life in general, there is a learning curve that must be taken in order to understand exactly what it is you are doing, especially when learning a new skill.

This is what I am doing today… learning how to and actually doing a blog site. I am expecting to make some mistakes along the way and that is part and parcel with the learning curve, but come on how hard can it really be? 😯

WordPress dot com seems to have made it easier for us non-blogger types to just jump right in. 😉

Having done that, or you would not be reading this right now, I’ve come to realize that the curve is a long and winding one, sort of like a switchback on a mountain road. Only scary if your doing a hundred miles per hour, but not so terrifying if your doing 10 mph. I made the choice to go slow and hopefully get to 20 mph. LOL

So here’s the thing…. now that I am writing, it’s seems I have forgotten how to spell… As I type, the letters get mixed up and the fingers move faster than usual…. must be all the excitement I feel about being “published”… sort of….

Spell checker will be my best bud (it is really good here).  I can tell that right now and until I figure out all things that make this site tick, the FAQ page will be an invaluable resource. I want to learn it all!!

It’s been a good first entry (at least for me) and I anticipate tomorrow will only get better.

Must go to the forums now to learn some more.

Till next time…..
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