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Ever felt this way?

I received this by email and well, I am sure some people have felt this way... at least once in their lives.... go ahead, have a chuckle.... Dear  Tide: I am writing to say what an excellent product you have. I've used it all of my married life, as my Mom always told me it… Continue reading Ever felt this way?

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As I lie here listening to the thunder roll in Flashes of light light up the room I think of the past present and future to come And I feel strangely blue As the storm rolls in I remember Everything. happens. for. a. reason It often comes after the fact That the understanding has meaning… Continue reading Drifting

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Badda Bing Badda Boom

Sometimes when one does enough surveys on the internet one is rewarded in unexpected ways. I recently did a survey for East Side Mario's, an Italian chain here in Ontario Canada that serves pasta, salads, garlic bread etc and at the end of the survey they rewarded me with a 10 dollar off coupon good… Continue reading Badda Bing Badda Boom

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Who Run The World – Girls

Have you seen it yet... Beyoncé's newest video ... all I can say is You go girl ... The 21century girl power continues. Have a look: She sure is stepping it up although for the first 1/4 it really doesn't look like her, nor is she on that horse, but the last is more like… Continue reading Who Run The World – Girls

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Making Changes.

Hi there.... this blog is undergoing some changes.... it's about time no? If you'd care to help, tell me what you like or what you don't like in the comments below. Any guidance is much appreciated.... Thanks and have a gr8t day 😀 Cheers.... Till Next Time..... And don't forget to © 2006 - infinity… Continue reading Making Changes.

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New Page PD13

Hi there.... Just wanted to pop in and let you know you can now find all your PD13, Friday the 13th, Port Dover information on it's own Page at the top right next to the word HOME How exciting is that..?.. You love it right.... I know you do.... When and if there is new… Continue reading New Page PD13

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Henry’s Photo Show + Coupon

Now that Spring has sprung there is lots to do in and around Toronto. This weekend, May May 13th, 14th, & 15th, 2011 at the International Centre, Hall 5, 6900 Airport Rd Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1E9 Henry's presents it annual Photography/Digital/Video show . I hear it's a good one if you are looking for equipment… Continue reading Henry’s Photo Show + Coupon