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The season is well underway and while some of you don’t ride, many of you already have your license, are taking a safety course to get you license or have just bought a bike. The one thing you all have in common is that you need someplace to go to, along with maybe someone to to that with.
Each month, throughout the season, I will update this page to bring you some of the events happening in my area, that being Southern Ontario. Occasionally, there will be events from across Canada and even the USA, if I come across them or someone tells me about them that is.
If you would like your event listed here (woohoo that would be great) then post a comment and I’ll add it. Don’t be shy as we all like to know about things to do on a bike.

Here is a fairly extensive USA summer events listing from CycleFish.com.
And a fairly extensive CDN listing can be found here from Lets-ride.ca
A WorldWide listing here


  • 6-12th: Sturgis 2007 – Sturgis, USA
  • 17th – 19th: Pig & Fin – Vancouver Island, BC
  • 19th: Gastown Show & Shine – Gastown,  BC.
    More BC events can be found here Just click on the Events Tab at the top.
    A complete listing of Augusts Yamaha events, across Canada, can be found here
    A complete listing of Suzuki events, across Canada, can be found here (PDF)
  • 25th – 26th: Canada’s 911 Ride – Rexdale, ON



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2 thoughts on “M/C Events-Happenings”

  1. In order to maintain access to Mosport International Raceway, we have had to move the date of the 2008 Durham CAPPY Ride back one week to Sat. July 26, 2008. Please change your event calendar and let your members know.
    I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    I look forward to meeting your members and treating you to a great day on July 26.
    Bob Brozina

  2. Hi Bob,
    Thanks so much for keeping us updated. I am sure my memebers want to know of any changes happening this year 😉

    Can you provide a link to you site for the events news? I would like to add it here?


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