Hmmmmmm, Poetry, Ponderous Thoughts


As I lie here listening to the thunder roll in Flashes of light light up the room I think of the past present and future to come And I feel strangely blue As the storm rolls in I remember Everything. happens. for. a. reason It often comes after the fact That the understanding has meaning… Continue reading Drifting


The Passion is Yours.

The way you are So serious and strong The vibe is clear The passion is gone. Not yet gone forever As a small piece will always remain Just dwindling away You wonder if you should stay. The passion is yours It's in your heart                                       Only you control it Right from the start. To allow it… Continue reading The Passion is Yours.


Day Dreams

We travel through life on daydreams... To destinations faraway… Experiences Unknown… Imaginations untapped… Follow where your mind takes you For once there, anything is possible And every journey is an inspiration to the soul to make the dream real. Tags: poetry, writing