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Brands Gone Wild!

Posted by gottabkd on Friday, May 2, 2008

I received a flyer today from the “Brands Gone Wild” outlet centre sales… and they are back. Now is the time to stock up on summer goodies as well as household staples. Sale is presented by Brands Depot and Brands Gone Wild

Everything from sheets to shampoo, laundry detergent to Axe, shoes to jackets to T-shirts. They have comforter sets and drapery panels, perfume and socks…. it’s all here….

Where: Two locations to serve you.. they are:

245 Dixon Road Etobicoke (former Loblaws)
Dixon Road and Mapleranch Path between McArthur Street and Islington Ave.


9325 Yonge Street, North West Corner of Younge and 16th Ave in Richmond Hill (former Canadian Tire.)

Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm
Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday 11am to 5pm

Accepting: Visa and Debit Cards Only.

visa interac


Both of these “former” buildings are huge so there is bound to be lots of merchandise at both. The flyer indicates that there is “up to 75% off everything”, but there is no indication of how long each of these locations will be open. Get the best deals… go soon 🙂

Happy Shopping!!!

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All Tied Up!

Posted by gottabkd on Thursday, April 24, 2008

Having spent one of my former years in the far and away land of London England, I had the pleasure of learning how to accomplish this task at a very young age. It has stuck with me ever since…. But…

Having grown up with nary a need to use it, knowing how to do it came in handy one year when I had to display my teaching ability to a room full of mostly ruffians male peers.
The choices before me were clear:
First option: Display your teaching ability by teaching the class how to tie up their shoes or
Second option: Display your teaching ability by teaching the class how to tie a necktie.

Since this was a class of wannabe motorcycle instructors and since they were adults I figured they would know the basics of shoe lacing (something they do many times a week), but since they were mostly ruffians of the male persuasion I figured they may not know how to tie a necktie, after all, they certainly looked like they never wore ties. You know the stereo-typical motorcycle type that have been plastered all through the media… well this group was no different… so I choose the latter option.



The following week everyone brought their laces and neckties to class and we were inundated with lessons on how to tie up our shoes. Borrrring!!
When it came to my turn and I was so glad I prepared my lesson for tying a necktie. Not only did I teach the class how to tie a necktie, but they all learned how to tie a double Windsor knot. Most men use the single Windsor knot strategy, but I wanted to wow ’em. The class of mostly ruffians male piers were ecstatic, thanking me afterwards with compliments like “Now I can wear a tie to a funeral” or “At least I now own one tie that is ready to go” and finally “Wow a double Windsor, cool”.

I could not believe how many of them had no clue how to achieve this somewhat small feat, but I learned immediately that they avoided neckties because they had no clue how to “do it up right”.
Typical no? It’s like asking for directions… They would rather avoid it than ask for help they need to accomplish the task. Oh well at least this class had me 🙂

Needless to say, I passed that class with an “A” and went on to become a motorcycle instructor, but that lesson always stuck with me.

Recently, I was surfing Hub Pages when I cam across this handy little reference, pictures and all, on how to Tie A Necktie Easily. The directions are super easy to follow and any ruffian male could do it. Just ensure you stand in front of the mirror when practicing and you have a woman near by for help with directions.

Hehehe, I slay me! 🙂

Although the Hub Page is an older one (it has been updated recently), I figured some of you may enjoy this as well, so check out the handy reference and get your tie on!!

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Chocolate and Jewels – Perfect for Valentines Day Gift Giving.

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Valentines Day is fast approaching and what better to celebrate than giving your sweetie Chocolate and Jewels.

Now you can give both in one gift – Chocolate Jewels….. Whaaaaaaat you say? That’s right, Chocolate Jewels… And I am not talking about the edible kind here OK!

chocolate jewels button and Ice.Com are offering chocolate coloured diamonds and chocolate coloured pearls in amazing designs for everyone on your list (They must be the same company as they have similar addresses) . They are extraordinary to say the least, some with prices as low as $39 USD. I am not sure if they are artificially coloured or not, but I suspect they may be. What ever it is they do to them, they look great!!

Both sites are offering free shipping and if you look for Valentines gifts, there may be an additional 20% off your purchase of $75 USD or more, but check the site(s) just to be sure.

Hmmmm yummy… what better way to say I love you 😉

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Shopping on A Budget – Are You A Label Whore?

Posted by gottabkd on Friday, January 25, 2008

Do you buy nothing but label brands? You know the ones I mean, Gucci, Prada, Juicy Couture, D&G, Louis Vuitton…. Is your closet full of the stuff or are you just a wannabe?

Do you live in Canada and find it hard to obtain these labels? Maybe you live in a remote area where they have never heard of these labels, let alone have stock to sell you.
And let’s not even think of the fakers, they are everywhere, but the genuine product can be hard to find, let alone fit into ones shoestring budget.

Style Sector idxmid

Well have no fear Canada as I just discovered a site that carries your favourite high end brands at very reasonable prices. Ok, so they do not have major selections in all labels, but if you are looking for jeans, purses and mens clothing, I highly encourage you to check out Style Sector an “online fashion store” catering to the above labels and many more.

A little bit about them:

“Welcome to StyleSector. We are a team of young and hard working men and women who travel the world in search of the best prices on high end, high ticket fashion items. Back in 2001, We decided to take our small local business running out of a strip mall located in beautiful Alberta, Canada, and hit the online marketplace. We soon realized that our prices were far more competitive than other sites selling the same clothing we were. We decided to expand our inventory base to include a wider variety of European luxury goods to offer to our customers. We’re using our years of fashion retail experience to bring our great selection and superb customer support to our international fashion clientele.”

They have 50,000 square feet of products for their online store and apparently purchase stock in volume, thus keeping the prices low and reasonable. It’s hard for me to tell if the products are last seasons or last years for that matter, as I am not a label hound myself. I do love a bargain though and apparently their prices appear to be just that.

They also have a flat rate for shipping, although they do not state if it’s worldwide or not, of only 18 bucks USD per order regardless of the number of pieces you order. It can take up to 10 days to receive your order though as they state:

“Please allow 5 to 10 business days for your package to arrive at your doorstep, we always need the time to check over your order and make sure all your shipping information is correct. We have a quality control rule here at StyleSector, do not ship to the client unless the package and product are 100% perfect, no flaws, no defects and certainly no damage whatsoever. All the Items ordered come with specific tags and certificates to ensure authenticity.”

After going through the shopping cart the only drawback I can see is that the site does not clearly state whether it is dealing in USD or Cdn funds. Given the strength of the Cdn dollar and the fact that this is the web, one can only guess that your card will be charged in US funds. This needs to be clearly stated somewhere on the site, instead of making the consumer wait to see it on their credit card statement. I sent them an email asking for clarification but have yet to hear from them… hmmm customer service… we’ll see.

Style Sector could be the next best thing to purchasing these well known labels, but a word of caution I would always give: try to get to a store where you can try on the goods and get to know you size for each of the brands. Same as with any online environment, always check the “Return Policy” to ensure it works for you.

So if you are a label whore or even a wannabe, check out the site…. Who knows, you may even save a buck or two….

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