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What’s On This Weekend?

Well glad you asked... The Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche is happening in the downtown core of Toronto. Starting October 4th, 2008 at 6:52 pm and running all night long to sunrise, Nuit Blanche is contemporary art for the people. From the site: For one sleepless night, experience Toronto transformed by artists. Discover art in galleries,… Continue reading What’s On This Weekend?

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Clicks For Tits – Do You Love Your Breasts?

That right folks... you can click for tits... Your Mom's tits, your sistas tits, your BGF's tits, your girlfriends tits, your wifes tits and your Grandmas tits... even your man boobies if you want...just go click to help save those tits you love so much. What? Have you gone mad? No more than any other… Continue reading Clicks For Tits – Do You Love Your Breasts?

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Rising Gas Prices – 10 Tips to Save You Money!

With the price of gas going nowhere but up, many people are wondering what they can do to help keep their costs down. Aside from the obvious choices: You could walk or ride a bicycle. You could take the public transit system, the highest form of car pooling. You could form a carpool network and… Continue reading Rising Gas Prices – 10 Tips to Save You Money!

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Dear Friends….

I received a very disturbing email today describing an "art installation" project that took place in 2007. It described events where the artist chained up a defenseless dog and starved it to death. That's right folks, he did this "all in the name of art"!!! The email included pictures of this helpless dog while patrons… Continue reading Dear Friends….

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Earth Hour – Will it Make a Difference?

Seems everyone is talking bout it and most people are wondering who is participating in it. Some are even wondering what they can do to get involved.... Well it's simple really: Between 8 and 9pm on Saturday March 29th, turn all electricity off. Lights, TV, stove, radios and any non-essential electrical appliances. Leave the car… Continue reading Earth Hour – Will it Make a Difference?

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Lunar Eclipse Tonight! Totally Cool!

That's right folks... a total eclipse of the sun... er moon. Sorry that was the other song running through my head... 😉 It happening tonight between the hours of 7pm and midnight with the best viewing from 10pm to 10:50pm EST in my area.... it could even appear blood red or orange if we are… Continue reading Lunar Eclipse Tonight! Totally Cool!

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The Concept is Simple… The Rewards Are Huge!

Having a hard time figuring out what to buy that special someone for Christmas? Tired of giving the same old gift? Tired of holiday shopping? Tired of wondering if you have chosen the right gift or whether or not the recipient appreciates the gift? Has the gift of giving become less meaningful over the years?… Continue reading The Concept is Simple… The Rewards Are Huge!