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Posted by gottabkd on Tuesday, June 7, 2011

As I lie here listening to the thunder roll in
Flashes of light light up the room
I think of the past present and future to come
And I feel strangely blue

As the storm rolls in I remember
Everything. happens. for. a. reason
It often comes after the fact
That the understanding has meaning

The past present roll up into one
As the rain beats on the window pain
Soaking up new life everything turns green
Wondering if ever we’ve seen

The things that make you and me tick
Like the blooms after a rainstorm
That have all but dried up
Life is short and meant to be lived

So buck up sunshine we all want to live


Till Next Time…..

© 2006 – infinity. All rights reserved, written for Gottabkd by gottaBKD. Accept no imitations.
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