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Another Freebie for Canadians is giving away some free glasses, spectacles that is. You know the kind you look through not drink from.

Glasses As you can see, I need me a new pair as well  😉

Here’s the deal: 25,000 pairs of eyeglasses will be given away in this cross-country tour of Canada, approximately 500 pairs in each of the cities they go to, to the first 500 hundred people they email. This is an online site and your glasses will be chosen from the site.

Once you receive the email on the day they are in your city, you can go to the site and choose one pair of glasses for FREE!!!!!!
At the point of checkout, you need to provide the code from the email they send to you and they will ship your glasses to you.

Wow, how cool is that?

So go enter your info here and watch your email for date and code for your city.


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