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Stuck Till Unstuck.

Posted by gottabkd on Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Here in the TdotOh the weather has not quite lured most motorcyclists into thinking summer is really here, but motorcycle season is still upon us. It promises to arrive… um soon… we hope.

Seems however, a lot of you are looking for some tune-up tips and if WordPress co-operates correctly then my Tune-up article should be stuck to the front page… until I un-stick it. Soooo…

Today I stuck that post… to the front page of this blog… you can tell by the box around it that it is stuck…

It should actually be right above this post… (unless I post again, then it will be two above)

Voila… easy peasy.. I hope

So there ya go… no diggin into too deep unless you want some motorcycle porn… otherwise, happy reading..

Now if only I can find my searchbox again?? Hmmm wonder if the sticky thingy took it away?

Till next time,

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