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Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Being internet challenged has not been much fun for me. I feel like I have been gone a million years  😦  and yet, I feel like my issues just started yesterday.
*sighs heavily*

Even though I do have some access back, it is very limited and not my own which makes blogging rather difficult.

Imagine to my dismay when I could not access my Fraccy friends’ site to get my daily humour all due to her really bad language and porn,  or my very own site to check on you all. Not even daily access to my email… uuuuuugggghhhhh!
Yes I miss you terribly and hope to be “more connected” really soon.

So, till that happens, it’s short and sweat and not often. Sorry!
Oh well this too shall pass…. eventually…

Till Next Time…..
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4 Responses to “Ugggh!”

  1. fracas said

    LOL, I am so sorry.. I just have this problem when it comes to naughty veggies and all those really bad things in life. The bras don’t count. Everyone should have bras like that. The women to wear, and the men to look at the women wearing them.


    Internet connection trouble seems to be happening to a lot of people lately. I hope it doesn’t mean Daddy P has broken the internet again!

    (LOL, now he’ll see that trackback and come over here… I am so full of mischief!)

    • gottabkd said

      Yes you are up to some good 😉 being mischievous and all hehe. Ugogurl!
      Thanks for that one….

      Apparently the library internet access does not like your tone of voice young lady and therefore I had to travel to another “town” to see if their libraries thought you a tad smutty… and apparently they don’t… my home town needs to get with the program… thank goodness I live near the towns borders or this would just be all too much for me…

      I really hope we won’t need to send the boat across the shore to fix that Daddy P… maybe we could sick the Queen on ’em?

      • fracas said

        That’s hilarious, but at least I’ll sleep well knowing students and public-terminal-seeking-creepy-people can’t visit me.

        And yes… I realize you were there but you aren’t a public-terminal-seeking-creepy-person. Or well I hope not. LOL.

        Years ago, I used to write a lot of pro-life stuff and there were some creepy people that stalked and harassed some friends of mine using public terminals because he thought they wouldn’t catch him. He made threats and stuff… all hiding behind library access because no one would kick him out of the library. One tried… he threatened to bring in the ACLU and they backed down. So… scary creepy people can be IN the library stalking pro-life good people like me… but the library must protect people from me and my ‘smut’.

        Too funny.

        • gottabkd said

          Yes it is funny… and to boot, I found a library, with a computer, with unlimited access (not on the timer it seems)… shhhhh it’s my little secret 😉 and it’s in the kiddies section of the library… man do I feel old, haha.
          At least I have some sort of access…

          Yikes… stalkers are scarey… I just don’t think that way myself…. have not got a devious bone in my body… so no… I am not scarey (don’t think so anyway)

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