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Wow! 1 Million Hits!

Posted by gottabkd on Monday, December 29, 2008

I am not really a stat watcher, but I must say that stats are encouraging.
I remember when this blog hit it’s 1000 reader mark. I thought wow, 1000 people have actually visited this site, cool.

Then this blog hit it’s 10,000 reader mark and that’s when the stats became a little more important fun to watch. For no other reason than just marking the different milestones that happen while enjoying the awesome yet strange encouragement it gives a blogger.

Next came the one year anniversary milestone (which I completely missed) and then the 200 post milestone. Both these milestones were met under the impression that they may never be met. I really did not think I would be around this long, let alone enjoy this phenom called blogging. Yet somehow these milestones happened, just like they happen to every blogger, and the encouragement continued.

Now imagine this milestone: 1,000,000 visitors.

Can you?
Imagine your blog hitting this HUGE milestone? I hope to one day!

It really is a wonderful accomplishment when a blog reaches 1 million hits, doesn’t sell you a thing, is upbeat and humorous to boot.

Today, my Fraccy friend can actually celebrate this AMAZING milestone.

Congrats Fracas, may you see a million more!
Go check her out, she really is funny.

Till Next Time…..

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4 Responses to “Wow! 1 Million Hits!”

  1. fracas said

    Awww, how sweet of you to make a whole post for me! I think you have to be a fraccy sis too! My fraccy family just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I’m a lucky gal.

    Hope the new mail with the new filename came through! I’d love to see those lips with a hat!

    • gottabkd said

      Well.. you know I am… a Fraccy fan!
      Congrats again!

      And the Gravatar… haha having issues as you can see… hope to sort them out soon with a revert to the old one, wherever it is now 😉

  2. mostlylouche said

    Blimey, well done you!


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