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Posted by gottabkd on Friday, November 28, 2008

From time to time I bring you some deals, deals that I think are worth the time and effort of posting them here. Deals that I would shop…. Like the Brands Gone Wild post where this sale continues right through to the new year. Check them often because the stock is constantly changing.

Problem is I can’t bring them all to you… I just don’t have the time. *sighs*
But do not fear, good fortune is on the way as I recently found a site that specializes in sale listings for all of Toronto and parts of the GTA and even some sales in cottage country.
It is now my go to site for bargain shopping.

The site is called and has been around the www for some time now. They (Cathie) started out listing these great bargain shopping places in the Toronto Star and other newspapers and when the internet hit, they built their website.

Here is what the site says:

Welcome to our shopping site, a directory of Toronto and GTA warehouse sales, factory outlet stores, discount outlets, special sales and as many best buys and bargains as we can find. We scour Toronto and the surrounding GTA for the latest and greatest warehouse sales and factory outlets, and we check them all personally. The Shoestring Shopping Guide weekly column has appeared in the Toronto Star for the last 19 years and has given us an opportunity to find unique bargains and pass them on to you. We hope you enjoy shopping with them as much as we do! You’ll find a warehouse sale calendar which is updated constantly, a clearance corner where we clear out bargains we’ve found, feature stores which change weekly, and many other warehouse sales and outlets, categorized individually. You’ll catch me on television and radio from time to time promoting our retailers and advertisers. We love hearing from you, particularly if you’ve found a new warehouse sale or factory outlet that you can share with us. Just send a note to Register with your e-mail address on the site and you’ll get my weekly update with the latest warehouse sales and bargains.

As always, happy shopping.


The great thing is you can search by either warehouse sales or shopping guide, you can view their calendar for the current, past and future events, or just read the weekly column.

My suggestion is for you to sign up on the email list, that way you will be sure to get all the latest info straight into your email box 😉

Till Next Time…..

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