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Bug, Hugs & Waterfalls Oh My!

I had the most wonderful day last Friday… a day that was filled with waterfalls, bugs at sundown and a few hugs along the way.

Hugs – we all love hugs and when we don’t get ’em, we miss ’em. Some people are huggable and some people are huggers…. me, I just love a really good heartfelt hug.

Bugs – well you either love ’em or hate ’em and most people just find them to be an inconvenience, especially when enjoying the great outdoors. Very few people see the significance of bugs and when you are doing something wonderful outside… well everyone hates ’em. This was the case last Friday, although they really did not bother me that much, Psycho got eaten alive. hehe 🙂

Waterfalls – this was the highlight of the day. We had decided the day before, to check out a few of the 99 waterfalls that are said to be located within the Hamilton area of Ontario. Right now the City of Hamilton is being hailed as the city of waterfalls…. trickling or gushing, they claim to have the most waterfalls of any city in the world. Ha! And all of ’em within an hours drive of the GTA… go figure.

So with camera, tripod, sunscreen and bug spray, along with a few bottles of cold water, off we went to discover for ourselves if this claim was to be true.

Of course we had no intention of ever getting to all 99, but that really was not the purpose of the day… no, the intention of the day was to digitally record what we saw while trying to obtain an excellent picture of the ebb and flow of a waterfall… Any waterfall actually. Trickle or not, the intention was to get that shot that depicted something completely not seen by the naked eye. And I must admit… we got lucky and not so lucky at the same time.

N497425First falls was right in the middle of a subdivision. Felker’s Falls I think the name was and while the GPS said we had arrived, as we entered into the greenery that was at the end of the road, we were hesitant at what we would find. We heard the water, felt the humidity and just hoped for a magnificent flow to be captured within. Its height is 22 metres is considered a Terraced Ribbon Falls. Apparently water flows all year long.



Not exactly the season for gushing waters of any kind, at first glance we thought, OK, this is doable let’s see what we can get.
Out came the tripods and cameras and we started clicking away. We got some pretty decent photos, but unfortunately for me, I am still having issues downloading them to my archaic desktop. Luckily for you, my friend Psycho sent me some of his photos of the day and has given me permission to upload them here.




The second falls we actually could not find… even with a GPS, the co-ordinates indicated “you are here” when in fact, we were in the middle of a brand spanking new sub-division. Too funny but we did trudge on.






The third successful waterfall was at the top of the mountain, right in the middle of Hamilton. It is called The Devil’s Punchbowl and honestly it was not really worth a picture, not today anyway. Although is a ribbon waterfall 37 metres (121 feet) in height, today the water really wasn’t flowing. Located at the Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area in Stoney Creek, the area actually contains two separate falls: the Upper Falls is the classical shape, while the Lower is the ribbon type. It is the third highest waterfall in Hamilton.


N497442The fourth waterfall we rushed to was just North of the city in the Greensville area, close to Flamboro Downs.

There are actually two falls in this area, but with nigh time fast approaching, we only had time to visit Webster’s Falls. It is a curtain waterfall 22 metres in height and was the most fun to photograph. We had to hurry as night was setting in quickly, but the shots we got made our day. This picture was taken while we squashed ourselves between a tree and the overhang off a footpath, down a small but steep hill.

The park was really gorgeous and once again located with a beautiful sub-division. The houses there made you feel like you were entering another dimension. As we parked the car (pay parking is enforced) we could hear the roar of the falls. It was almost too much to bear it was so loud, but as you can see, what a find it was. Next time we want to travel to the bottom of the falls and shoot from there. We also want to visit the other falls that is close by.


All in all, the day was magnificent; relaxing, invigorating, irritating, exciting, challenging and just plain wonderful. What a great way to skip the boring monotony of a regular Friday and to be able to do something really special for ourselves. It was a vay kay away without actually travelling too far away from home.

All Photos courtesy of of North49 © with All rights reserved. Thanks buddy. 😉

Till Next Time…..
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