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Ongoing Contest Sites

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Here is a list of sites that have ongoing contest, coupons and memberships. I highly recommend that you visit them often and become a member to receive the full benefits.

Pizza Pizza – kids club, club card membership, coupons and contests for everyone

Sunrise Records – besides having inexpensive CD’s and DVD’s, they also have contests.

The Rogers Group and their affiliates…. check the separate sites as they have same and more contests at each site. – Canada’s premiere movie site. Has all the movie listings, trailers and “what’s coming”…. oh and of course contests too. – Check this site often as they offer contest from milk for a year, to free gas for a year and trips to the Caribbean and Canada. – This is the Shopper Drugmart Magazine site offering make-up tips and fashion advice. Often offering contests for Optimum points and trips.

LouLou Magazine – contest and promotions to be had by all.

Flare Magazine – We all know and love this magazine, now love their contests too.

Todays Parent Magazine – Canadas premiere parents magazine has contests for all parents and their wee ones who would benefit.

Note: With the above magazine sites and since they are from the same publishing group, please ensure that you do not disqualify yourself by entering the same contest multiple times. Most contests are one entry only. You’ve been warned. – more fashion, trends and contests.

Cadilic Fairview – the mall makers… They have shopping centres all across Canada and right now you can win a 10k shopping spree at one in your neighbourhood.

Durex – Yup the condom makers have a contest too. Win a prize pack and 1K in hard cold cash. Must be 18 to enter site and play…. 😉 – All the products and some contests too.

So that should keep you busy for a while…. Cheers!

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