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Tokyo – Fast, Fresh & Yummy Oh!!

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What: Tokyo
Type: Asian mix
Located: Leslie Street and East Wilmot Street, north East corner
Address: 10 East Wilmot Street Unit #7
Richmond Hill Ontario
(905) 709-7778, fax (905) 709-2791
Hours: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Accepting: mastercardvisainterac

Tokyo is another of my fresh and fast restaurants located in the Richmond Hill area of York Region.

Quick, fast, fresh, hot, tasty and inexpensive is the draw at this mainly lunchtime resto. Fresh Asian food is on the menu and there is nothing that is not delish here.

On this visit I ordered my fave: Chicken with Mushrooms on Crispy Noodle $4.99. This dish is awesome. Fresh white chicken meat, loads of white button mushrooms and crispy hot noodles. Today I asked the chef (yes he took my order) to make it on the “hot side”.

Img 0530

A friend ordered B.B.Q. Pork in Black Bean & Garlic Sauce on Crispy Noodles $6.39, and this too was very, very tasty. I am not usually a big fan of black bean sauce, but I enjoyed this one.

Img 0531

And a plate of Deep Fried Tofu (L) $4.00. Trust me, this plate was sooo full of tofu and so good I forgot to take a picture of it when it arrived. I like Tofu cubed, as it was soft inside with a hint of cinnamon and sugar. Not enough to make it a desert, just enough to make it delish.

Img 0533

The menu is not extensive, but includes apps, soups, Chinese food, Vegetarian Delights, Fried Noodles & Rice dishes, Teriyaki, Dinner Specials. You can eat in as well as take out if you prefer. You can fax your order in and then pick it up within 20 minutes. Everything on the menu is $7 or less and the family meals range from $14.50 for two to $42.00 for six.

On previous visits, I have had their Hot and Sour Soup $2.00 and it is truly excellent, with enough spiciness to warm the soul on a really cold day. I am not fond of their Egg Rolls $1.00 or Spring Rolls also $1.00 as they are typical (probably frozen) and deep fried. The Teriyaki (5.39 to 6.99) on Teriyaki noodles dishes are also good and all you need to do is pick your toppings. Just note that all “noodles” cost $1.00 more than having these dishes just on rice, but it is well worth it.
Portion sizes can be too big for lunch, but you would have enough to take home for a late night snack.

For fast, fresh and inexpensive, I highly recommend you try this one. You won’t be disappointed.

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