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PD13 – It’s nearly here. Friday June 13th, 2008

Posted by gottabkd on Monday, June 2, 2008

That’s right folks… Friday the 13th is less than a month away and if you’ve been reading any of the other articles , you know this is a big deal for the sleepy town of Port Dover and anyone who prefers two wheels over four during the warmer months of the year.

My stats show that there are a lot of you who are interested in what will happen this year and what has happened in years past. Img 0278
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These two pictures were taken 04/13/2007 at the first event last year. Aprils event was a cold one and as a result the turnout was not stellar. I feel it was good to be able to walk down the street without being squeezed by others making their way along the same path.

Then came July 13th 2007 and the crowd was enormous. It took a good 1/2 hour to get into the event even though we arrived on a motorcycle. As you can see here, the line to get into the sleepy town of Port Dover was a long one, but the wait was well worth it. Thousands upon thousands of motorcycles invaded the town and it was quite the sight to see.

Img 0022
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Motorcycles and their owners were everywhere. All the town was a buzz with everything motorcycle related. It was a very interesting site to see and quite a difference from the April event.

Port-Dover-0707 0028 edited
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If you are a motorcyclist, this is the event to attend, at least once in your life that is. Better known as PD13 (PD=Port Dover, 13=any month there is a Friday the 13th) this year has only one…. yup that’s right folks there is only one (usually two a year) this year. That means you will only have one chance to attend this awesome event which is happening in less than 11 days.

Friday June 13th is the day.

So here are the details:

When: The one and only one this year Friday June 13th, 2008

Where:Port Dover Ontario… get your PDF map here

News: PD13 Event news can be found here

Origins: Read the whole story here and be in the know of how this event all started.

Camping: It may be too late to book a motel/hotel stay but camping is available just outside town. Check for availabilities here

Sponsors: A list of sponsors can be found here

Of course there will be no cars roaming the streets on this day, but if you ride to the event you can park your bike and be counted. If you happen to drive a cager, well there will be parking near by and busses that will take you into town. Cost for parking is about $10 bucks and well worth it. Busses travel at regular intervals back and forth to town and your cagers will be safe in the farmers fields.

Also, they are trying to get into the Guinness World Records :

On Friday, June 13th, 2008, ride your motorcycle to Port Dover, Ontario, Canada, get your bike tagged free of charge with one of our official tags, and be included in our Guinness World Record ™ Attempt for most motorcycles.

So why not sign up and be counted. There is even an auction for “special numbers” on where you can purchase your favourite number.

Of course I strongly urge a no drinking and driving policy for everyone travelling to the event.

The author of this article encourages everyone to ride safe and ride smart.
Please wear all recommended riding gear.
Do not ride beyond your limits.

Please DO NOT drink and drive.
Keep the sunny side up and the rubber side down.


So get your motorcycle ready for the best event this year. Maybe I’ll see you there 😉

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