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Uno For You, Uno For We!

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Uno? What’s an Uno you ask?

Well according to 18 year old Benjamin Gulak from Ontario Canada, the Uno is a science project that he designed, all on his own, in his own shop, without CAD software or an engineering degree. What he came up with was this:


According to the latest issue of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, Ben created this in his machine workshop that he inherited from his grandpa, who was an engineer. He used to tinker in the garage with Ben at his side. Grandpa instilled his love of design and creating cool stuff, but a trip to China was the catalyst that gave him the inspiration to create “some form of electric transport was desperately needed in the same compact form as a motorcycle or bicycle to help ease congestion and save the environment.”
As a result of seeing nothing but smog while on his trip, he knew he wanted to create something small, non combustible and was either in the form of a motorcycle or a bicycle…. Uno was the result.

Not really a unicycle, but a duo-uno-cycle(??) where the two wheels are side-by-side and up front, as seen in the picture above. There is no rear wheel and basically only has an on-off switch. Think of it like a Segway… only you are leaning forward instead of standing upright; lean in the direction you want to turn, lean forward to move forward and lean backwards to move backwards.

Sounds simple, but I wonder how the brain interprets our own balance insecurities one might experience while being in this position? It kinda defies gravity no? It would be interesting to know how much time would be needed to actually learn to drive while in this position, how far can you go without getting tired (leaning forward is hard on the wrists and the back) and just how much training would it take to retrain the brain? Personally I would prefer a position more like the Bombardier EMBRIO as seen at

Also, from a license perspective, what would Transport Canada classify this machine as? A moped? Scooter or half motorcycle? Even though it looks like a half motorcycle is it really? It could be classified as a Limited Speed Motorcycle though.

Never mind… it’s still cool, green and innovative enough to give it that awesome cool factor. Maybe by the time Ben gets a degree in Engineering, the world will be riding more of these machines.

Not much happening at his website, but I bet with all the attention, there will be soon. Check back often.
Ben, if you need some help with that, contact me…seriously dude your site needs an update. But I guess you are too busy for that right now eh? LOL 😉
Seriously… contact me! I can help.

P.S. There are over 300 articles under the Motorcycle header at Gizmag, so take a look around while you are there cause there is something for everyone!! Very cool site.

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