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Sunsets Galore!

Posted by gottabkd on Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The temps are rising, people are getting out for long walks, the clothes are becoming less and less, and the sun sets later at night. It presents the perfect photo op, especially if you live near any form of water. Why?

Because I can take pictures like this:


Photo courtesy of BKDesigns© All rights reserved

And this:


Photo courtesy of BKDesigns© All rights reserved

And even mistakes like this are fun too:


Photo courtesy of BKDesigns© All rights reserved

It’s interesting when you go shoot photos with a friend you have an instant comparison and an very different viewpoint. Once you are done, you can compare the shots each of you took and then see the differences in composition. Like this one taken in the same place as the first two above.

Photo courtesy of of North49 © All rights reserved

It’s so nice that summer spring is here and the skies are lit with the most beautiful colours….

Hope you enjoy 😉

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