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Contest – Frenchanting and Win!

Posted by gottabkd on Monday, April 21, 2008

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Frenchanting…. Is that really a word? Nope but the play on several words, French and Enchanting… it’s kinda cute.
This is a subscribe to win contest that is is available from March 2008 to November 30, 2008. However, you can only enter once !
I suppose you need to stay subscribed till the contest end date to win, but you will receive a newsletter all about Normandy, France… so how bad can it really be?

Subscribe to win a luxury trip to France and see the landscapes that inspired the impressionists.

Here are the details….Sponsors: The contest is organized by Maison de la France-Canada. The official website of the French Governments Tourist site and Air France bring you this exciting contest.

How to enter: Enter online at the Frenchanting website. By filling out the electronic form at, you are automatically entered into the contest. No purchase necessary. You can register for the contest only once.

Eligibility: It is open to Canada residents who are 18 years or older only

Timing: The contest begins on March 20th, 2008, at the opening of the Web site, and ends on November 30th , 2008 at 11:59 p.m., EDT. No purchase necessary.

The Prize: A 5 days/4 nights trip to Normandy, including: airfare on Air France from Montreal or Toronto to Paris, 4 nights in a Bed & Breakfast, a welcome dinner, a 5 days car rental and a welcome package. The prize does not include domestic flights to Toronto or Montreal, personal expenses. Total value: 5 000 $ CAD.

Special Notes: Airfare must be reserved before September 15th 2009, and the trip ended before December 11th 2009. The winners cannot travel between December 15th 2008 and January 10th 2009.

The winner will be informed by email. It is absolutely necessary to provide a valid email address. The winner’s name will be announced on December 5th, 2008 at 3 p.m. EDT. If the winner cannot be contacted within two weeks of the announcement, or if the winner does not comply with contest rules, the prize will not be awarded and a second draw will be held. Prize must be accepted as is, and cannot be transferred or exchanged for money.

Secondary Prizes – None

Don’t forget to read the rules and regs to ensure eligibility.

Cheers and good luck. 😉

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2 Responses to “Contest – Frenchanting and Win!”

  1. Andre Lachance said

    Il aurait été préférable de recevoir cette publicité en français. Merci

  2. gottabkd said

    Salut Andre, merci pour visite.

    Pour le Franch parlant la foule, qui peut avoir été preferrable, mais unfortunatley je ne parle pas, ni écris le français très bien. En fait, j’utilise un traducteur pour vous apporter ce message. C’est aussi et l’anglais blog et les règles(autorités) de deux langues officielles du Canada ne s’étendent pas à l’espace virtuel. Vous m’avez trouvé avec l’anglais exprime le droit ?

    L’ayant dit, cependant…
    À tout le Franchophones du Canada, acceptent s’il vous plaît mes excuses que je ne suis pas entièrement bilingue, bien que j’aie des capacités de limite que ce n’est pas feasable pour moi pour poster(afficher) dans les deux langues officielles du Canada.

    Désolé mes amis. Venez s’il vous plaît de nouveau.
    P.S. Je ne peux pas même être sûr le traducteur travaillé correctement, donc j’espère que cela n’offense personne!

    ——- English Translation——–

    Hello Andre, thank you for visiting.

    For the Franch speaking crowd, that may have been preferrable, but unfortunatley I do not speak, nor write French very well. In fact, I am using a translator to bring you this message.
    This is also and English blog and the rules of two official languages of Canada do not extend to cyberspace. You found me with English phrases right?

    Having said that, however…

    To all the Franchophones of Canada, please accept my apologies that I am not fully bilingual, although I do have limit abilities it is not feasable for me to post in both official languages of Canada.

    Sorry my friends. Please come again.
    P.S. I cannot even be sure the translator worked correctly, so I hope this is not offending anyone!

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