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My Dollar Store Find! It’s Awesome

They other day I was in Dollarama, you know those discount dollar stores that offer you everything for a buck? Here in Ontario, Dollarama is the King of dollar stores with outlets all across Canada.

Dollarama logo

According to Wikipedia, Dollarama is a Canadian success story that has been sold off for $850 million USD (or $1.05 billion CDN) to an American fund group Bain Capitol of Massachusetts . But that’s not my point here.

Dollarama sells all kinds of stuff, mostly made in China, but has such a vast variety it is practically impossible to leave with only spending 10 bucks. Stuff like cleaning supplies, toys, candy, grocery, gifts, health care products, kitchen ware, School supplies, Stationary, Party Supplies, Hardware.
Lot’s of controversy abounds with all the recall products that have been made in China lately that I am always leary of my purchases, read the expiry dates carefully and try to look for products “made in Canada”. There are lot’s of them (especially in the food section) and I am always looking for more. With today’s economy the way it is…. well you gotta do whatya gotta do to get what may be more expensive elsewhere .

On this particular day I saw a new item… Photo paper… 10 sheets of 8×10 for only a buck…. Hmmm I thought, if it’s a terrible product then I have only lost a buck, but if I like the product…. will it be here next time I need it?

So I bought one pkg of 8×10, along with 9 dollars of other stuff and took it all home.

Likon Wow was I surprised when I printed my first photo. First this paper is like stock paper, thicker than most brands and glossy. I was really please with the output from my Canon S200 inkjet, that compared to other printers, was sooo inexpensive I wondered what the print quality would be like. Two thumbs up on both the printer and the paper πŸ™‚

In fact, I love the paper so much that I feared there would not be any left. So the very next day… off I went and picked up some more 8×10 and a packed or two of 5×7 and 4×6 and I hear from other friends, that it is available at their local Dollarama as well. So hopefully it is a standard product!

Photo courtesy of BKDesigns© All rights reserved

In this pic, tha packages lying flat are the freebies I got with my printer or when I purchased more ink. Not the same thickness of paper for sure. In fact the Canon paper is only 5 sheets and very, very thin. It is so flimsy that when I printed on it, I decided not to keep the picture.. so I threw the picture out. Terrible stuff and no saturation of ink at all, it just felt and looked cheap. The packages only have 5 sheets, but the same sizes in Likon paper have 15 sheets for 5×7 and 20 sheets for 4×6… What an awesome deal!!!

If you have a Dollarama near you and you want Likoninexpensive but excellent photo paper, I highly recommend you pick some up… Hopefully they will continue to carry this wonderful product as a staple item.

This product is made in China and the website is which apparently is Canadian… to bad the links on the site seemed to be broken during my visit, but that could be just my computer acting up πŸ™‚

So get some soon, just in case and at $1 a package, this is one product you won’t mind spending any amount on!!!


Photo courtesy of BKDesigns© All rights reserved


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