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Lost Camera, Found Camera!

Posted by gottabkd on Friday, March 7, 2008

Ever gone travelling and lost a jump drive, camera card or the camera itself?
Ever been walking down the beach and found a camera and did not know what to do with it?
Are you one of those people who develops the film in hopes of finding clues to the who the owners may be?

Last summer my friend found three cameras in a park near his home. Each time he called me and we discussed at length how to return the unmarked cameras to their rightful owners. After much discussion, a visit to the local police department, we knew that was going to be pretty hard, if not impossible, without ID. All the cameras had no film and thus no pictures to process. When he tried to return them to the police, they “indicated” that they get sooo much found stuff that you may as well just keep ’em…. Whaat????

Wasn’t some touristy type person looking for them right now??? If only we would have come up with this idea ourselves……

Matt Preprost, a 20-year-old student from Winnipeg, Manitoba, wondered the very same thing and decided to create a website devoted to those very issues.

He created in hopes of helping people get reunited with their pictures, cameras and jump drives.

In an interview done by Digital Journal, it appears that Matt got the idea from another site that posts the secrets of people. After seeing a picture on that site, indicating that the owner had found the camera and would love to return it to the rightful owner (etc)….. an idea was born….

The site gets loads of lost picture posts and comments from people who actually get their stuff back….. Very cool!

Check it the site and know that there are photos, cameras and jump drives waiting to find their owners. Who knows, you may be in use of the site one day 🙂

What is it with young boys name Matt????

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10 Responses to “Lost Camera, Found Camera!”

  1. paul said

    i lost a cannon camera with 256 mb card (blue) and i gb card black in black padded camers case on kos island in greece i was on borad easy cruise maybe you picked it up – reward you can keep camera i just want my holiday snaps

  2. gottabkd said

    Hi Paul….
    So sorry you lost your camera in Greece…
    You need to go to the website and see if they can help you there 🙂
    They often have “found” cameras from all over the world.

    Good Luck with that 🙂

  3. Judith Nino said

    Lost a Canon PowerShot SD450 DIGITAL ELPH at the warf in Santa Cruz, CA. We were there about 6 weeks ago. This is September 2008. It was probably left in a candy shop or on a bench where we were packing up our grandchildren. The lense and the viewer were scrached, but it had grandkid pictures and I sure miss them.

  4. gottabkd said

    So sorry to hear that Judith,
    You should go to the site and see if any of your pictures are there, or if your camera has been found…. you never know till you check it out right? 😉

    Good luck

  5. Danu said

    I also just lost a camera, Pentax optio 555 on my trip to Bali, in Garuda Wishnu Kencana. I’ll check the blog, hopefully someone found it kind enough to return the content of the SD card

  6. gottabkd said

    Hey Danu,
    I hope you are successfull with that.
    Good luck! Come back and let us know the outcome 😉

  7. me daughter lost her silver nicon near or in Eldorado Ks. It is in a black case. This was in 08

  8. Shefi said

    I also lost a camera, Olympus FE280 at Universal City walk,Hollywood CA on 18th jan 2009. hopefully someone finds it and is kind enough to return it

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