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Stuff is Happening

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I haven’t had the chance to post lately not because I haven’t wanted to, just because I have been a bit busy. That coupled with the on going computer issues that are completely annoying me, life is however…a changing….

You know kind of opportunities I am talking about… that the ones when you finally see the fruition of the grandiose thoughts that one puts out to the Universe… the ones that when they actually come back to you they come back in exciting and new adventures. The ones that when you get them you say Hey where were you last year when I really needed this or the kind where you say Wow, it’s finally here. But more importantly the kind that if you pass it by you know you’ll be kicking yourself in the tushie a year from now knowing that you had the opportunity way back when….

I knew and continue to believe that 2008 will be that kind of year, the kind of year that I wish I had last year, the kind of year that will explode into All good things come to those who wait… patiently. And I have been very patient… 2008 will be very exciting and I can’t wait!!

So let me share what’s in my head, and more importantly what’s actually happening. I believe that if you put it out there, the Universe will send it back to you… eventually. But as with most people, half of that thought is actually getting it out there…. from the first tiny thoughts to the expression of words to the belief it will happen. Real words that the universe can use and help bring it back to you.
2008 started off with a very positive attitude in my own head… than I decided to do some things that I have been putting off out of fear laziness. I decided to take the bull by the horns and tackle some of these issues… kind of face my unwarranted fear and stop putting off what needed to be done.

Here is one example. Last year I had one of these:

Canon4302 A Canon Powershot A430 point and shoot digital camera. I really wanted a DSLR *sigh*. I love its compactness, simplicity of use and the really nice pictures it takes I manage to produce while using it. I received it as a gift for Christmas 2006 and really appreciate that it allowed me to get into the digital camera mode without breaking the bank…. in fact it was the best gift I received…. a really nice gift that I am forever grateful and thankful for. I was so excited to be able to take pictures and download them to my computer, then use the pictures in various ways that new technologies allow.

Photo courtesy of BKDesigns© All rights reserved

The one thing that the digital world allows, is that instant gratification of being able to view your pictures immediately, make adjustment to the camera, subject or lighting and decide if you want to keep it or retake it to produce that “better shot”. I love having all those capabilities all at the press of a button. It truly is gratifying to have that instant ability.
I carry carried my new toy everywhere, taking many pictures, some really good and some really bad and some just OK. I began to pull the old information out my head. I learned that even though moving from SLR to Digital P&S was a daunting task from the prospective of how do I translate what I remember with the old SLR abilities to the new digital medium? What exactly do I remember and could I still take a good picture?

Img 0050Apparently I remember a lot from the old SLR days. Apparently I remember how to frame a shot, hold a camera, adjust myself like a tripod and produce a relatively nice picture. Suddenly it all came back to me, after all it is not really the type of camera you use, it’s the ability to get the camera work for you and your subject.
Kinda like what I used to say to my students who used to complain how “there must be something wrong with this motorcycle, I can’t get it to work properly” and I would respond think in my head It’s not the motorcycle fool, it’s the rider. All the while knowing that last weekend another newbie used

Photo courtesy of BKDesigns© All rights reserved

the very same bike and was able to get it work just fine. Ok let’s face it… not everyone is cut out to drive a motorcycle.
Basically all I am saying is that with practice the medium is not the hang up, the user is almost always the problem. If you can drive one vehicle, chances are you can drive another, so moving from SLR to Digital P&S should really be a no brainer for me, and it wasn’t… Well the brain doesn’t always recall what is needed with quick enough accuracy at the time when needed, BUT I felt that with enough practice even those sleeping brain cells will re-ignite a passion that had been but on the shelf…. and I was right. I got excited as well. So excited that I realized that my P&S was now limiting my creativity.

So this Christmas 2007 I decided to leap into the Digital SLR world and really challenge my knowledge… I gifted to myself this:


A Canon EOS Rebel xTI that came with not one, but two lenses.. count ’em two… for the most excellent price of not a whole lot compared to other cameras discounted way down that I could not pass up the bargain, which turned out to be the bestest deal of 2007.
And I got me one!!!! This was before the computer started giving me troubles and before I could no longer download pictures from the camera or cards! Otherwise I would have invested in the new Mac I so desperately want. Can you tell I’m drooling right now!! Sorry I digress…. where was I?

I almost had instant buyer’s remorse, so much so that I waited a week before I took it out of the box… to actually covet my new toy. I was fully excited, while half petrified and worried even more than before if I could make the leap into the true Digital SLR world that for 5 years I had been longing to be in.
You see I do not make major purchases lightly. I am not really into the throw-a-way consumerism that our society pummels us to be a part of. I do my research, wait for the sales and when I see a sale I will wait for a really, really gooder good one to come along. But that’s me and sometimes I do miss a good deal BUT this time I hit the jackpot and my excitement need want took over while I took the plunge. Did I express how excited I am???

To put it into comparison…. my friend decided that he wanted to come into the DSLR world as well. Now you need to understand that he is a professional who has waaaaaay more SLR experience than I do. He knew what he wanted but it came with a steep price, steeper than I was going to spend anyway…. $2500 plus steep… mine was less that 1/4 that price 🙂 but he knew what he wanted and he finally went for it. He purchased the newest, latest and greatest Nikon D300 with all the bells and whistles anyone could ever want in a DSLR. Funny thing is… my camera will also do almost as much as his camera and in comparison we both can produce some really good shots. Nuff gloating said.

And the bestest thing out of all this is that I now have someone to practice with, who will go with me and shoot, shoot, shoot to our hearts content while I suck all the information I can out of him pick his brain on technique, lighting, composition and the nitty gritty of using the camera, al the while helping me to produce a better shot.

So to get to today and why I have been absent I have been out taking many pictures with my new toy. Practice makes one better and that is exactly what I we have been doing. I only wish I could download them to show you but until that changes all I can do is tell you about it. Sorry.
Edit note: I just booked a wedding shoot for the Fall… Yippee!!!

So yeah… excited, busy, booked and practicing all things camera related have kept me away from here for the past little while, along with the other things happening more on that later. I promise to be back sooner and post more often.

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