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Spring is 24 Days Away, Winter Only One!

Posted by gottabkd on Monday, February 25, 2008

Ugghh!!!! When will it all be over?? Really over.

It seems that this winter has hit us all really hard this year. People have been hibernating in droves. No one wants to go out in it and we all just seem to want it over. Even people who live in areas where winter is half the year, lasts longer than in Toronto, they too want it over. Gone already.

It all started early this year when the snow came and never left, or actually came, then left, then came back again, then left, then hit us again… No wonder my skin is chaffing off.

High and low pressures from various US regions have made sure that us Torontonians, Ontarians and most of Canada in general have really been hit hard with cold and snow… Everyone is saying enough already!!

And tomorrow will be no exception. Starting later tonight we can expect 15 cm of more snow and by the weekend another 25 cm. Can we say enough already!!!!!! Please repeat after me, Enough already!!

When will it all end and when will spring really be sprung??? Ugghh!! No more please… rid us of this looong winter and allow Mother Nature to spring a new season…. Please!!! We all remember snow in mid April so will we get that too or will this season end quietly? Right after this next storm?

In the meantime, I prefer to think of things like this:


After all winter is just one long season.

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