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Lunar Eclipse Tonight! Totally Cool!

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, February 20, 2008

That’s right folks… a total eclipse of the sun… er moon. Sorry that was the other song running through my head… 😉

It happening tonight between the hours of 7pm and midnight with the best viewing from 10pm to 10:50pm EST in my area…. it could even appear blood red or orange if we are lucky. The weather will be cold dropping down to about minus 10 degrees here… it could be worse, in Alberta they are expecting it to be -32 degrees burrr… so dress warmly.

Spectacular is all I can say…

It will also be visible anywhere in Canada as long as it’s not cloudy… but even with some clouds it could be really cool to. I plan on taking some pictures, hopefully the PC will let me download them to show you but if not… why not take your own shots. You may need a long lens and a tripod to get a good picture, but the different phases could still show up well on your camera phone… hmmmm, must try that one


Photo courtesy of BKDesigns© All rights reserved

Things to bring or have on hand:
1) Camera – to capture the moments
2) Tripod – to stabilize the camera, but any solid surface will do
3) Blanket – to snuggle with the special someone, keep warm
4) Hot drink of your choice –
coffee, tea, hot chocolate
5) Car – or bus, feet, truck… to get you away from the city lights
6) Patience – hey it’s a long show

So get out there tonight, grab a friend and have some fun. Head for the outskirts of the city or up the CN Tower and catch this event. What ever you do, stay warm!!

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2 Responses to “Lunar Eclipse Tonight! Totally Cool!”

  1. CGabriel said

    Totally cool, indeed! Nothing like having my 4 year old daughter look out at it from our freezing deck and say, as loudly as can be, “WOW…..COOL!!” My 11 month old just stared at it, smiled and smacked me in the face.

    Also, thank you so much for the great site you sent along to me (BlogDesk). I’m looking forward to picking its brain. 🙂

  2. gottabkd said

    Yes it was cool, a little long but cool none-the-less. And cooold as well. Camera froze up but hey, it is winter here. Can’t wait for spring 🙂

    You are so welcome enjoy 🙂

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