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Would You Like Rat-atouille With That?

Posted by gottabkd on Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oye Vey….

The City of Toronto (and almost every city) has a Health and Food inspection department which goes around to most eateries within it’s city limits to “inspect” the premises for health violations. They even have part of their website dedicated to Food Premises and Disclosure System available online, where you can enter your restos name and find out if it passed inspection or not.
Check it out before you eat out would be my suggestion.

This is a very good thing for all diners and for the restaurant industry as a whole. Good health practices help keep the patrons healthy as well as protect the industry as a whole.


Upon perusing it seems that one downtown Chinatown restaurant got caught with it pants down, or should I say, with rats visiting their establishment. Seems a passer-by happened to peak into the front window, the one which is normally filled with employees making dumplings, and found this…

rats1 and if that isn’t close enough for you, how about this one…..

ratscloseupr Five… count ’em… five!!!

Photo courtesy of

Wait minute now… I know it’s the year of the Rat but hang on just a second…
These little buggers were caught feasting on leftovers and roaming around as if they owned the joint. Can we all say SCAREY!!!!!
The photos were then sent of to the Health and Safety board upon which the restaurant was inspected and promptly closed…. after the major rush hour happened that is…. EWE!!!!!

In one article, this restaurant was given a pretty good review, but not today… oh no siree not today. Today they were not rated at all; the writer was alerting the readers to this new information.

But here is the thing…. does this really surprise anyone who is from a metropolis city where crates of food are just beggin’ the vermin to come on over for a bite?? I mean seriously… doesn’t every big city have to deal with a high population a rats? When asked, the restaurant owner was quick to indicate just this very point saying it’s not a restaurant issue, it’s a city issue.
I would tend to agree seeing as these rodents can get in anywhere and through almost anything, but wonder if there isn’t more that can be done to help this industry? More the city could do?

Besides, if we really knew what went on in the back kitchens of our favourite restaurants, it is almost guaranteed we would never eat out. And I mean NEVER!!!!

When I was younger, my cousin used to work at the Ponderosa chains of restaurants. I have never forgotten what she told me about how the chain would use new garbage bags to “toss” their salads. Apparently they would make bags full right before the rush hour and then plop the salad in bins on the buffet. I asked her if the bags were new each time and she indicated that they were, but I could tell by her disdain, that she was not impressed with the practice… I figured as long as they were new each time, how much harm could it be? I still feel that some things are better not known to us even though I believe ignorance is not bliss.

What do you think or feel about things like this? Do you eat out without a second thought about it or do you just take your chances? If you saw this happening after hours, would you have reported it?

Food for thought I guess….

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