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Wanna Help? Give Rice

Posted by gottabkd on Monday, February 18, 2008

There are many ways to help the world easily and with little effort. I came across one the other day. It’s simple, it’s fun and you may even learn a word or two…

It’s called

freeRiceLogoIt also comes with a warning: “This game may make you smarter!”.

The premis is simple…. go to the site, play the game, as you get the answers right you help feed the starving children of the world. Simple right?


FreeRice is a sister site of the world poverty site,

FreeRice has two goals:

Provide English vocabulary to everyone for free.
Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.
This is made possible by the sponsors who advertise on this site.

Whether you are CEO of a large corporation or a street child in a poor country, improving your vocabulary can improve your life. It is a great investment in yourself.

Perhaps even greater is the investment your donated rice makes in hungry human beings, enabling them to function and be productive. Somewhere in the world, a person is eating rice that you helped provide. Thank you.

So when you have time to play, time to waste, time to learn a few new words, why not help this organization do some good.. 🙂

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