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Oprah and Suze Orman Giving it Away For Free!!!!

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, February 13, 2008

That’s right folks… today on Oprah financial guru Suze Orman talked about women and their money or should I say their lack of interest in where their money goes, how it is controlled, what they can do to keep some for themselves and how to get out of debt.

At the end of the show, Oprah announced that Suze Ormans book, Women and Money, would be available for download but only until 5 pm February 14th….

So if you are interested, get your copy now while you can.

Take home pay

It’s in PDF format so you will need Adobe Acrobat to read it, and the book is available in Spanish and English.

It comes with this warning:

This book is copyrighted. You may view and download the file, but you may not copy the file or share or forward it to any other person.

So get your online copy NOW before the window closes!!

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7 Responses to “Oprah and Suze Orman Giving it Away For Free!!!!”

  1. Norma Morales said

    Oprah and Suze,
    Two of my favorite females. I work but, I try to get home to see the last 1/2 hour of Oprah. Today I got home earlier due to the flu. I would love to have the info. on Suze’s book.
    Norma Morales

  2. i would like to have a free book from oprah show today february
    13 08

  3. Linda Fulton said

    I thought this book was going to be available as a hard copy book in addition to the download version. I am not able to download a copy but wanted to have one shipped to my house???

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  5. gottabkd said

    Hello Norma, Puwinta and Linda

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    You can get your free copy by clicking on any of the links (words) in the article above:
    “get your copy now while you can” or
    “copy NOW before the window closes” will take you directly to the downloadable area of Oprah’s site.
    I am sorry that was not clear enough, but I do not have the book to give away myself, sorry!

    If you cannot see the clickable words copy this code into your browser:

    and get your copy before 5pm February 14th (Chicago time).

    Linda, it is available right now in the bookstores, at least in Canada as I saw it today in the Chapters/Indigo/Coles chains of bookstores.
    You could probably order it through their online store at

    Hope that helps 😉

  6. nancy watts said

    ARE CD’S SAFE? Susie said Bank acct. T Bills or Treasury Money Market (Bond?) Accounts.

    Other: Oprah should have a program on the importance of summer swimming lessons for all children. In California we have logs that can roll over
    people sitting on them, a family that went down when a 16 yr old dropped off a spit into deep water….
    Have lifeguard stories.

    Thank you, Nancy

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