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Some Days You Feel Like a Nut – Some Days You Feel Like This

Posted by gottabkd on Friday, February 8, 2008

There are days when you just feel nutty…. the ones that make you feel squirrel-ly, anxious, happy, loose and care free mixed with a little postal.

They make you feel like this :

Cat going ballistic

Yesterday was like that for me. It was one of those days that I wanted to blow it all up, get rid of it completely, blast it to kingdom come and hope that it would still work out right.

And if not for the Canadian handgun laws… let’s just say I am glad we have laws

What was it that set me off you ask?

Well you all know that I want a Mac and yesterday proved it to me more and more. Suddenly….
The PC just began to go postal on me and for no apparent reason.
OK maybe there is a reason, it’s called upgrade time!!Now we all know that things like this do happen, they happen because you did something you were not supposed to, something you thought was a good thing only to turn out to be an oh-so-bad thing that took you hours to try and fix. In fact it wasn’t until early today when I was able to get things back and running again… Dear God of Macs…I wanna MacBookAir… puleease… 🙂

…. but mostly, there are days when you feel like this:

Gone Crazy Back Soon

Nuff said. Oh and don’t forget to backup!!

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