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Spring is 24 Days Away, Winter Only One!

Ugghh!!!! When will it all be over?? Really over. It seems that this winter has hit us all really hard this year. People have been hibernating in droves. No one wants to go out in it and we all just seem to want it over. Even people who live in areas where winter is half… Continue reading Spring is 24 Days Away, Winter Only One!

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So You Think You’re Canadian Eh?

Are you? Born in Canada, raised in Canada, domiciled in Canada... you must be Canadian right? Well, right, but do you think like the majority of Canadians? Do you know what Canadians think? Really know what they think. For example, "Which province is more likely to support the decriminalization of marijuana?" Is it A) Ontario… Continue reading So You Think You’re Canadian Eh?


Coupon Download – Save at Canadian Tire.

From February 22nd to March 2nd, Canadian Tire will take $10.00 off your purchase(s) of $40.00 (before taxes) when you present this coupon. The nice thing is you can use this coupon once per day, everyday until it expires . That's a total of nine days of saving, should you decide to use it everyday.… Continue reading Coupon Download – Save at Canadian Tire.

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Lunar Eclipse Tonight! Totally Cool!

That's right folks... a total eclipse of the sun... er moon. Sorry that was the other song running through my head... 😉 It happening tonight between the hours of 7pm and midnight with the best viewing from 10pm to 10:50pm EST in my area.... it could even appear blood red or orange if we are… Continue reading Lunar Eclipse Tonight! Totally Cool!

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Would You Like Rat-atouille With That?

Oye Vey.... The City of Toronto (and almost every city) has a Health and Food inspection department which goes around to most eateries within it's city limits to "inspect" the premises for health violations. They even have part of their website dedicated to Food Premises and Disclosure System available online, where you can enter your… Continue reading Would You Like Rat-atouille With That?

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Wanna Help? Give Rice

There are many ways to help the world easily and with little effort. I came across one the other day. It's simple, it's fun and you may even learn a word or two... It's called FreeRice.com. It also comes with a warning: "This game may make you smarter!". The premis is simple.... go to the… Continue reading Wanna Help? Give Rice