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The Blame Game! – Bitch’en Cause I Can!

Posted by gottabkd on Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just a small one… but here goes….

People are funny creatures. Not always in the funny Ha Ha kinda way but more so in the funny, strange, hey you’re just weird kinda way….

Let’s face it…. people are just plain weird… we do and say things that are so bizarre to the listener that it baffles, truly boggles the other persons mind.

They don’t get it, even after you explained it clearly to them, they still want to play the blame game….

My questions to them is Whyyyyyyyyy?

Why do you torture the rest of the world because you don’t get it?
Why do you think you are righter than wrong? Smarter than the dumbness you portray?
Why don’t you take responsibility for you, your feelings and your asinine thoughts?


Help me out here cause I just don’t get it!!!! Oh and you know who you are!!!!

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