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Another Milestone : And I Missed it!!

Posted by gottabkd on Tuesday, December 18, 2007

That’s right folks, I hit another milestone and I actually missed it… not a numbers milestone, although the numbers have grown since inception, (thanks to my faithful readers) but an anniversary type milestone…. missed it by about a month and ten days… Yikes!!!!

It all happened on November 8th 2007, it was my one year anniversary of this site, … AND I MISSED IT!!!!!
Geeeeesh… what was I doing?? Where was my head??

Seems almost anticlimactic now that I have realized the truth of the miss.. almost not worth the note….. but still here I am tooting my own horn and just loving the fact that I am still around >)

Oh well………….

Happy anniversary to me!!!! 🙂


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