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20 Rules of Motorcycle Riding!

Lifted straight from the VROC forum... 20. The two most useless things to a rider are the braking distance behind you, and nine-tenth of a second ago. 19. Remember... gravity and centrifugal force are not just good ideas, they are laws and are not subject to appeal. 18. Keep looking around. There's always something you've… Continue reading 20 Rules of Motorcycle Riding!

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Not your typical Christmas greeting, but hey... I am not typical.... and thanks to WordPress, I even got some snow for ya all... why not since we got a good dumping last weekend I figure everyone should have a little snow today... 😉 Best wishes to you and yours... Please travel safely and do not… Continue reading Merry Christmas Everyone!

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The Blame Game! – Bitch’en Cause I Can!

Just a small one... but here goes.... People are funny creatures. Not always in the funny Ha Ha kinda way but more so in the funny, strange, hey you're just weird kinda way.... Let's face it.... people are just plain weird... we do and say things that are so bizarre to the listener that it… Continue reading The Blame Game! – Bitch’en Cause I Can!