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It’s Official: Toronto Votes For Rider Safety!

Posted by gottabkd on Thursday, November 29, 2007

Toronto, Canada: The issue is was a hot one, at least to motorcyclists around Toronto. The issue went to major discussions (read: fight) within the City limits (read: the govn’t). Some for it, but most against. Not because they did not want it, but mostly because of ignorance, lack of real data and concrete stats, coupled with the mere fact that Motorcyclists are usually forgotten in these meetings also doesn’t help. They even forgot us when they introduced the graduating licensing system that is currently in place….

H-E-L-L-O!!! Does anyone on the committee ride a motorcycle or know we exist???

But it is official… Toronto will allow the HOV lanes to be used by single rider motorcyclists DUE TO it being a safety issue…. OK, lets not forget the fact that motorcycles are less polluting than the monster cage vehicles that currently race down those lanes…. forget the fact that allowing them in the lanes will improve traffic flow and NOT contribute to HOV congestion…. oh, and forget the fact that no committee ever thinks of motorcycle riders when changing or adding new rules and regulations to the transportation aspect of this fair city…. ever!

But….Toronto voted positively: that single user motorcyclist can use the HOV lanes based of the fact that “it is a safety issue” …. only after reading reports from Virginia and the UK recognizing the “safety” concept that the MMIC fought for.
For a clear picture of the MMIC’s deputation read it here.

Port-Dover-0707 0047 edited“Rider safety will be dramatically improved if a Public Works Committee recommendation is approved by Council. That recommendation is to allow motorcycles and scooters into the HOV lanes on City Streets. The current requirement limits access to vehicles with  three (3) or more occupants.”

Wait…. just one minute here buddy… 3 or more passengers???? I thought it was two…. the signs say two and the only way that MC’s could use the HOV lanes (originally) was to carry a passenger thus meeting the requirement of two or more passengers…. so what up???? Now it’s three? Was that a way to keep MC’s out of those lanes by changing the requirement from two to three? Hmmmmm seems suspicious to me

But Peter Jacobs, president of the MMIC is correct with his quote above and Toronto needed to once again step up to the plate and recognize the issues for what they are and not what, you the non-rider, believe them to be.

And they did change the rules… albeit cloaked under the issue of safety, without any acknowledgment of the positive aspects of motorcycles: cheaper to run, use less gas, lower emissions, allowing HOV use would improve traffic flow and just the mere fun of it all (Ok not really relevant here but hey) 😉

I dunno…. I think the committee needs a wake-up call… Hello, we are out there and are not going away. Do you think you could possibly think about us for once?? Before you make major changes that do not include us?? Could ya? Just once?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Now if only we could get a decision about street food vendors and their carts, Toronto could become what they pretend to be…. A delicious option on the travelling Motorcyclist trail and a world class city to boot 🙂

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