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It’s That Time of Year!!

Posted by gottabkd on Monday, November 26, 2007

Not only is it time to bed your two wheel adventurer for the winter, it’s time for snow to fall and time for holiday shopping.
The season has started and there is no gettin ’round it. Soooo….

Christmas tree

Whose on your list? Are you checking it twice? Do you need to include the “friends” at the office?
If so read the post by on their take for office giftees… all for under $40….

But what I want to know is do you re-gift? You know what I mean. You receive something you neither want nor will use, do you then re-wrap it to give someone else? Do you, “heaven forbid”, not take the time for the re-wrap and just pass it on to someone else? Do you think that this is the most horrible thing you could ever do and would never, you yourself actually partake in this kind of thing? Well do you? I really want to know your thoughts on this activity…

Is it good or bad?…
Is it considered recycling or downright rude/lazy/un-thoughtful behaviour?
Is it acceptable or not acceptable?
Do you do it?
Inquiring minds really would like to know how you the reader view this… so leave your thoughts below and good or bad, get it off your chest.

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