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One Day Sale Event!

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In the USA Black Friday is the day most Americans do their Christmas Shopping and most retailers mark down their goods to exceptional savings. In order to get ready for the new products to blanket their shelves, retailers need to get the old stuff out…..
Canada does not do this one day event, so sales go on and on and on…. Canadians sometimes feel ripped off because even though we have sales, the markdowns are not done “to get rid of the products” the way they are done in the USA. Supply and demand keep Canadian retailers from doing this.

This Friday November 23rd is Black Friday and although Canadians would need to actually get in their cars and drive across the border in order to participate, some online retailers in both countries are participating in this event, thus allowing Canadians to join in.

One such retailer is Apple, makers of the famous iPod, Macbook, iMac and iTunes.

Applebanner blackfriday 071120

Now we all know that Apple does NOT mark their products down very much (50 bucks or so) or very often, (even on their refurbished stuff) the site does promise a good savings on MOST everything….
We’ll see won’t we! 😉

You can join this sale at both American & Canadian retailers across the country as well as online at or by calling The Apple Store by calling 1-800-MY-APPLE. They promise at least a 20% savings and if you shop online, shipping is always free!

So if you are an Apple fan, mark your calendar for this event and check out the savings on that day.

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