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Posted by gottabkd on Thursday, November 15, 2007

I think the headline says it all, but here are some links I like to visit. You may too….

Serious (kind of) Stuff:
Energy fiend is all about caffine, really interesting site with tables for everything.
Fever USA this is a new drink being offered in the USA. Strange but true.
The Situationist Very interesting read and I wonder “how do they get the pic in the header?”
Happy Planet Is an Index of human well being and the environmental impact….

Name 245 countries in 10 minutes. Spelling counts, no acronyms (i.e. USA) and each country you get right, will be listed once the box is completed…. Can you name 245 in ten minutes?

The good Old Days… do you remember?

How does this stuff happen?

Holy Basil – Vietnamese food site… yummo! Good read too.
Counter Intelligence – don’t you love the title? All about food.
Bittersweet – vegan food and crafts… go figure.
OneStopCook – a blog about soup and slow food
TopSecretRecipes – ever wanted to recreate that special restaurant dish? With this site you can.
And if you can’t find your favourite recipe at the above site, then try CopyKatRecipes
ikeeneye , following an OCD Professional as they open a pizza joint and their trials and tribulations of running a business.

Her Home a women centric site that “focuses on womens perspectives on design, construction and products for the home, and includes input from leading women homebuilders and industry experts.”

Of course you can find more things of interest in the categories on the right…or the cloud on the left…. so don’t be shy…. get clicking…. you may enjoy them just as much as I do 🙂

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