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Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, November 14, 2007


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Any type of change will do….

Change of….. pace
Change of….. space
Change of….. attitude
Change of….. fun
Change of….. friends
Change of….. food type
Change of….. entertainment
Change of….. work
Change of….. finances
Change of….. town, city, country

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Honestly… all change is good. Whether big or small, positive or negative,
change – is – a – good thing!

Change rejuventates the mind body and spirit. It gives the body an adrenalin rush that evokes excitement. It makes you want to “get up and go” and gives you the “git ‘er done” attitude that is sometimes needed. It also makes you less boring to others.

So I am putting it out there that change is a good thing and I am looking for any type of change to come my way, preferably something exciting.

If the universe is listening…. it won’t be long in coming 😉

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