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Gone Pink!

Posted by gottabkd on Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I have decided to go Pink for the month of October…. I hope you don’t mind 🙂 and I hope it is not too hard on the eyes…. pink can be hard to see and if it becomes to annoying I will change it back to the regular colour.
Let me know if it bugs you by leaving a comment 😉

I support the research for curing all cancer’sand can only wish for this disease to be eradicated. But sometimes I fear that this may not happen anytime soon given the fact that after so many years of research and so much money donated to the research, why oh why has there NOT been a cure found? Or at least a major headway in warding off this terrible disease.

Sure over the last 30 years, they do know more about it now than they did then and being diagnosed no longer means an eminent death, but no cure yet? Why? Is there a conspiracy going on between the pharmaceuticals and the world of medicine? I mean think about it, drugs are expensive and if you are diagnosed with some issue and you know needs drugs for the rest of your life, that means that you are paying a high cost to live. And those expenses go straight into the pharmas pockets. And as long as there is no cure, the pharmas can continue their research by being funded to the billions…. seems like a viscous circle, should it be true.

As a result it is surprising to me that in some areas cancer is on the rise. I wonder if it’s because we are living longer, polluting ourselves more or if it is because these areas are not being supported as well as breast cancer has been.
Take for example men after the age of 50… it has become highly advisable for men to have their prostrates examined regularly… just like women should have mammograms and regular check-ups, men should also have regular prostrate exams as well. Prostrate cancer is on the rise but with early detection, it can be completely eliminated and men can live long and prosper for many years afterwards.

I had a chat with Dad today, who indicated that he found information that says that prostrate cancer is the second leading cause of death in men, a little know stat that is not spoken about as much as breast cancer. Also noting that as a man ages not only does that prostrate gland get larger, the BPH levels (benign prostatic hypertrophy)  also rise, kinda like when a woman reaches the stage of menopause and her estrogen levels change. But he also noted that if one gets checked out regularly, then there is a baseline number that your doctor will have recorded so that if there are drastic changes in these levels, a biopsy can be done to determine if further steps should be taken.
It needs to be noted that a rise in BPH levels DOES NOT always mean cancer, it just means your body is changing, yet again and the prostrate has grown. It should also be noted that family history can also play a part, but once again, early detection is the key and regular check-ups will help.
So please get your prostate checked, do some research of your own or at the very least, talk to your doctor about this issue.

M&M’s has also gone pink.


Once again the maker’s of those tiny tasty little morsels are donating .50 cents of every package sold to the fight for breast cancer and if you go to this link, they will donate .10 cents from every CLICK it receives from the site, so get clicking and support this cause.
If you ‘d like to donate a mammogram this article is full of links to help you do just that.

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