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Yikes She Did it Again! What a Disaster!

Posted by gottabkd on Monday, September 10, 2007

So it’s that day after the MTV MVA awards….. we all saw them…. we hoped for the best…. we were very disappointed.

From comedian Sarah Silverman to Britney’s opening act, the evening promised to be a musical wonder….
Here’s what I wonder…. I wonder why they actually allowed these two individuals on the stage, let alone open the show! What a disaster….

Sarah’s forked tongue was turned on audience members with her usual self-depricating manner… not well received…. honestly, she bombed…. big time…. and it quickly became clear that the audience did not like her much either…. stick to cutting yourself up Sarah, it works better for you!


And Britney….. oye vay….. why oh why did they allow that girl to perform??? What a disaster her “come back” was… no style, no spunk, no well choreographed routine, no well chiseled body, no lip syncing ability what-so-ever…. I dunno, this girl just keeps on getting sadder and sadder and sadder…. someone get her the help she needs puleeaassee!!!!

Just my 2 cents….

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