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Oh Baby: Let’s Go to the Ex

Posted by gottabkd on Friday, August 17, 2007

As the end of summer draws near, there are several good indicators that it’s almost over. The first one is usually the Staples Ad that includes pressing an easy button…. and bam… all the kids in the pool have their “back to school gear”. Man that commercial is so annoying.

The second one is the time between August 1 and August 15th seem to move by at the speed of light… making August the shortest, or fastest moving, month of the summer… Yikes!

But the one that gets to most Torontonians as the biggest signal that “summer is almost over” is the start of the Canadian National Exhibition.. the CNE… the Ex… no matter how you refer to it, it means only one thing… it’s the last and biggest festival of another summer that is quickly coming to a close…

Princess Gates

The Princess Gates

If you grew up in Toronto, you know exactly what I mean. Cotton candy, candy twist, beaver tails, waffles and ice cream, even the midway and the rides are all fond memories of many generations of families all over Toronto. The Ex is so big that people would line up for days just to be the first to enter the gates for the new season. It often meant you would see your face on TV and your name in that days paper as well as getting into the Ex for free. Souvenirs would often be met with Head of the Park greeting you and congratulating you on being the first to pass through it’s gates.

Polar Bear Express

The Polar Express

Celebrating it’s 129 year, the gates open tomorrow, August 17th and runs through to September 3rd, 2007.
Admission is reasonable @ $14 per person.
$10 if your 60 and over or 13 and under.
A family of 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and three children can enter together for $42.
A magic pass of $31 per person gets you on the rides or you can purchase ride tickets individually.
Food, parking and Special Events are extra.

Visit the CNE after 5pm – Get in for $5! Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Don’t miss Five after Five at the 2007 CNE. Visiting at night really gives you that Vegas feel, but on a much smaller scale. It’s still nice!
The Gates and the buildings are generally open from 10am to 10pm while the midway remains open till Midnight.

During the Ex:
• 18,000 glasses of Old Fashioned lemonade are consumed
• 20,000 lbs of Tiny Tim Donut dough are devoured
• 22,000 hugs from Al-EX, the CNE mascot, are lovingly bestowed upon
• 15,420 decks of cards were are in the CNE Casino.

Merry Go Round

The Merry Go Round

It’s a cultural event and we always wonder “What’s on this Year at the Ex?”
A Salute to Broadway, Aquarêves, Dueling Human Cannonballs, the return of the Troops, Daily Parade, IAMS Super Dog Show, 11th Annual Toronto Urban Music Festival and the Canadian International Air show offer a great line-up for the whole family.

Night view

Built in 1936 and modeled after the Hollywood Bowl, the CNE Bandshell venue has been a sentimental favourite with CNE visitors for almost 70 years and this years line-up has something for everyone.
This summer the Toronto Star Bandshell gets off to a fabulous start with concerts by the Village People (August 17th), April Wine (August 18th) and David Wilcox (August 19th). The opening weekend concerts, sponsored by OLG, will be followed by polka king Walter Ostanek (August 23rd), Sean Kingston (August 24th) Sloan (August 25) a Young & Restless Meet & Greet followed by an evening concert by Y&R star Jerry Douglas (August 30th), the Toronto Urban Music Festival (September 1st) and the popular Rising Star Youth Talent Competition finals on the final Sunday (September 2nd). Wow that’s quite the variety!

There is always the Food Building, the Automotive Building, the Horse Building, the Queen Elizabeth Building and the Direct Energy Centre that offer the wares of the world to tantalize that shopping bug you may have during the day.

No matter what your fancy is… At the Ex there is something for everyone. So why not plan your visit and drop by for some last minute summer fun.

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