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R.I.P.: Cycle World Toronto Closes It’s Doors

Posted by gottabkd on Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Toronto, Ontario: Following in the footsteps of Brampton Cycle and McBride’s, Cycle World East and West are about to close their doors. They have gone into bankruptcy or have been forced to close early and the receivers are selling everything they can. The Danbury Group indicates the sales starts Thursday at 10 a.m.

Motorcycles . Snow Mobiles . ATV’s . Helmets . Leather Jackets, Pants, Vest, Etc. . Oils & Lubricants . Bike Accessories . Safety Gear . Motorcycle Parts . Complete Contents of their Store . Yamaha . Honda . Kawasaki . Plus Much More


Who knows how long the sale will go on for or if this is a one shot deal, but it is clear, they will be closing their doors forever.

Rumour has it that the owner’s were planning to retire by the end of 2007, but something has happened to move that date up to this month. Some say it’s the cost of insurance, while other’s say that Honda decided to pull out sooner-than-later. This coming right in the middle of the season, a time when sales can sometimes rise due to the fact that there have been more people passing their safety courses and wanting to get in on year end deals. Whatever the reason, Toronto motorcyclists are wondering what is happening to the industry and how this will affect owner’s everywhere.

It has been indicated that following in the footsteps of BMW, Honda will now sell their motorcycles out of their car dealerships, making them a one-stop-shop for all your motoring needs. Suzuki will probably do the same.

But the question remains: Where will Yamaha, Kawasaki and any other “non-affiliated” maker go?

Right now, there are no Yamaha dealers in the GTA, yet there are recalls that need to be taken care of. Owner’s are antsy to have the question answered as to where they can get this work done. A friend of mine had their Yamaha scooter in the shop for a whole week, yet the dealer did not take care of the recall work. Wondering why, it became clear when the shop called them and said “you better come get your bike now!” The warning was well heard and the bike was retrieved the very next day. Now we all know why! Other’s were not so fortunate and will need to fight to retrieve their bikes that have been repossessed. Sad but true!

I wonder where the industry will be in the next year and in which direction the parts and accessory industry will go. Will they survive this seemingly messy situation or fade to black like the dealers? It’s on everyone’s minds and yet no one seems to care much, letting the industry take care “of itself” seems to be the motto. It is possible that Yamaha may affiliate themselves with Toyota. Interesting, but honestly, I would not take my bike to a Toyota dealer to be fixed…. would you?

Like others, it is now time to find shops in the surrounding GTA areas while hoping they too will stay in business. Not an easy task, depending on where you are located and the type of work needing done. I would assume that the industry would let their owner’s know, but apparently they too may be catching up to the news themselves. Scary!

If you have any knowledge of good mechanics, especially for Yamaha, please leave the details in the comments. All comments are appreciated and should contain as much contact information as possible.

If I receive more information it will be posted here….

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6 Responses to “R.I.P.: Cycle World Toronto Closes It’s Doors”

  1. Russ Frith said


    5875 HWY #7 UNIT #6


  2. gottabkd said

    Hello Russ,
    Thanks you so much for the information.
    Woodbridge is not too far from the Greater Toronto Area, making it easily accessible to most.
    The tip is much appreciated 😉

  3. […] decided to return the parts purchased, could not replace them there and decided to take a trip to Cycle World West to see if they were still open..Remember I told you that the Danbury Group was liquidating the […]

  4. obermeister said

    Yamaha parts and bikes? How about Gunters Cycle Centre 3801 Dundas Str West. The best in the West

  5. Laurence said

    I used Ontario Cycle Salvage for all my repairs. It’s located close to the Beaches in Toronto. It’s not a pretty shop, but the mechanics are excellent, and the staff is the best! Highly recommended.

  6. gottabkd said

    Hi Laurance, thanks for stopping by.

    I agree, Ontario Cycle Salvage is a good East End choice.

    For my readers, they can be found @ 1570 Kingston Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M1N 1S1
    Tel: 416-699-6198. Thats two blocks East of Warden Ave.
    According to their website, “We have parts for cruisers, sport bikes, race bikes, classic bikes and collectors.”

    Check their site for exact location and times.

    Thanks for the info 😉

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