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I Can Cook: Delicious Pasta Salad.

Posted by gottabkd on Thursday, July 26, 2007

That’s right, I can…. but actually, more than being labeled a cook, I like to call myself a tosser-together-of-fine-flavours type of cook. As we all know flavour is the most important element when making a dish and the right combinations of those flavours can make you a fine cook or a let-down-chef.

I often sit around and wonder if this flavour would taste good with that flavour and then I will just toss it all together to find out. Sometimes it’s a miss but often it’s a hit, at least to me and that’s when I say to myself “Man I’m a good cook!”

So I was doing that the other day, sitting there wondering what I was gonna make that would satisfy the cravings I had. Usually it’s for some kinda past thingy and that day was no different.
So off to the cupboards I went, you see a well stocked pantry always allows you to toss something together, and this is what I came up with:

Pasta Salad1

Doesn’t it look yummy! I may not be the best food photographer, but this dish really was good… and easy to assemble… honestly! The following recipe makes it so….

Basic Recipe:

1 Bag of spiral pasta (250g, but any amount would do)
1 Can of smoked oysters (85g, but any amount would do)
1 Can of Hearts of Palm (110g, but any amount will do)
2 Handfuls of frozen easy peel Shrimp
2 Handfuls of your fave frozen veggie – I used cut Green Beans
Feta cheese my new fave food and you can never have too much of this.
1 pkg of Clubhouse Pasta Salad mix
Favourite Dried herbs, in this case I used Oregano to go with the Feta


Assemble Clubhouse Pasta Salad mix according to directions and put aside. Or use my variation below:
1 Pkg Clubhouse Pasta Salad mix
1/4 cup of rice wine vinegar
1/2 cup grape seed oil
3 teaspoons Wicked Gourmet Hot Pepper Oil
3 teaspoons Sesame Oil (or as much as you like)
Serious amount of dried Oregano
Mix together and set aside….

Cook Pasta according to directions, only to el dente and no longer.
Right before pasta becomes ready, add frozen beans to boiling water, return to boil then add the frozen shrimp. If you time this just right, the pasta will be perfectly cooked at the same time the beans become cooked “to green crispness” and the shrimp turn pink. I think I got lucky this first time 🙂
Slice/crumble as much Feta as you like.
Drain and slice into tiny chunks, the Hearts of Palm.

Drain pasta, beans and shrimp into colander while running under cool/cold water. This stops the pasta, beans and shrimp from over cooking in their own heat. Shake off the water and return to pot or large bowl. Add the Hearts of Palm and Feta and toss to mix well. Stir and drizzle the dressing over the whole thing as you toss it all together. Refrigerate for one hour to blend the flavours. Serves 6 generously or one for three days of lunches and snacks 😉

Notes: Since the Feta cheese and the Packaged Dressing can both be salty, add salt sparingly.
The Hot Pepper Oil is… well…. hot… also add sparingly.
The longer it is in the fridge the better it tastes.
You could also add cherry tomatoes, different veggies and olives.

Pasta Rice2On the third day, I added leftover tumeric rice with cranberries, to boost the amount and loved this addition as well.

I hope this encourages you to toss your own flavours together and see what happens.

Can we all say Yummo!! Cheers.

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