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The Lunch Express: The New Flavour Of Public Transit!

Posted by gottabkd on Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So I am surfing the internet today and I noticed this new program in York Region, specifically in the 404 – 407 areas of York Region. It is called the Lunch Express..


Specifically it is York Transit offering free rides during Friday lunch hours. The rides are offered North and South and cover the areas of East & West Beaver Creek, Leek Crescent, Mural Street, East & West Pearce, Commerce Valley Drive and Leslie Street. These routes basically cover all the industrial areas and take you to the Restaurant Areas of both North Central Richmond Hill and South Central Richmond Hill.

So here is the deal…. There are 29 participating restaurants, listed here and the idea is you hop the bus from your workplace to the restaurant of your choice… for free… just the ride is free, not the meal itself. Once you have lunch, you hop back on the Lunch Express and head back to work… All this in an effort to reduce traffic, eliminate parking hassles, travel safe and sound, save on gas and you receive a 10% discount at participating restaurants. Very cool…. It’s so cool they have extended the pilot project and added a second route…

Then go back to the site and enter the sweepstakes by taking a survey

Here’s the official low down:

“The Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce and Markham Board of Trade Smart Commute 404-7 “LUNCH EXPRESS” Shuttle Bus Project has been extended through the summer months with a Friday only Schedule. This pilot project has been designed to bring customers to the doors of local businesses, while easing traffic congestion near their premises.
The Lunch Express pilot project is supported by York Region Transit, the Town of Richmond Hill, the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Markham, the Markham Environmental Sustainability Fund and the Markham Board of Trade.

The 3 hour lunchtime shuttle buses are assigned to a south and north route each. The south route is a loop that includes Commerce Valley Road, East and West Beaver Creek Roads, East and West Pearce Streets. The north route includes East Beaver Creek Road, Mural Street and Leek Crescent.

Ride the LunchExpress … Then take the Survey and tell us what you think of this new service. Your survey response qualifies you for a prize draw! You can also enter while you ride the bus – pick up a brochure and drop your survey response in the ballot tin on the bus.”


 And the official rules:

Terms of Restaurant Discount Offer*: LunchExpress bus transfers accepted only. Valid only for lunch on the same day of travel. Not transferable. The promotional coupons used to communicate this promotion have no monetary value and do not express a binding offer between SC 404-7 and the rider. The honouring of this promotional offer program is at the sole discretion of the participating restaurant’s management. Only one transfer per diner. Discount offered is per individual rider, not per bill check. Only those restaurants listed on this web site as supporting this offer are eligible for this discount.

Fridays from 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM, using existing bus stops, the shuttle buses pick up riders from businesses along the route, dropping them off at restaurants and shopping areas along the way, returning to pick them up following their stay and transporting them back to their places of employment. There is no charge for this service, either to businesses or their customers. The Project’s goals are simply to increase business and to reduce traffic congestion along Highway 7 during busy lunch hours.

By becoming a participant in the Smart Commute 404-7 “LUNCH EXPRESS” project, riders are helping to promote initiatives that alleviate traffic congestion and help ensure that their premises remains a location of choice for their clientele.

So hop a bus and get eatin’…

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