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New Rider Program Built to Get You on the Road: Simply Awesome !

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, July 4, 2007

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So you want to ride a motorcycle…. You’ve taken a safety course, you’ve bought your riding gear and all you need is a motorcycle….

But wait….. there’s a little, tiny, big issue….

You’ve done your homework and found one more thing is holding you back… that little, tiny, big issue of motorcycle insurance…. Arrrggghhhh!!!
You’ve discovered that depending on the cc size of the bike you want, your first years insurance can and probably will be astronomical! It can cost you anywhere from $1000 to as much as $3000 depending on your motorcycle choices…. along with the length of the alphabet your newly found toy has… You know the ones… GPZFXRBQZ….
Oh and what’s worse….
You fall into one or more of the following categories; under 30, first-time rider, wanting a sporty type bike, not married and are male (only cause the number of males riding currently still, out-weighs the numbers of females on the road… Don’t hate me it’s just a fact. But you could also be female to get in on this nifty deal.)

But wait…. there is a solution…. and a pretty perky one at that….

Honda Canada has a new program that will turn the industry on it’s ears…. the competition is about to heat up and I bet NEXT YEAR all the dealers will be jumping on this bandwagon… in a big way…. So what is it….

OK, OK here it is…. Ready… Set…. Go:

For $440 down, and $149 a month for 36 months, Honda will sell you a sporty cool little CBR125R + 3 year warranty with roadside assistance + a Joe Rocket jacket in it’s new HondaGo program. Heck, they will even include a day of fun riding in their free New Rider’s program…. All this for under four grand+ insurance costs (purchasing all the available accessories, still comes in under $4000), which by-the-way, will NOT cost you an arm-and-a-leg just to get the bike on the road. Yippeeeeee!!!!!!

For a new rider, the size is perfect, sporty, nimble and peppy.
Yes, you can still travel on the HWY….
Yes, you will have loads of fun on this sport style bike (without the high cc’s & alphabet)….
Yes, you can ride for the three years on your M2 (current graduating licensing system in Ontario that gives you 5 years to ride & upgrade to your full M license)….
Yes, you WILL be able to afford the insurance and
Yes, you will have complete fun this summer…. this is practically guaranteed!

Overview of the CBR125R which comes in three fun colours; red, black & white:

It’s light. It’s nimble. It costs only a few loonies to run. Hey, it’s even easy on the environment! Say hello to the new Honda CBR125R, the fun and friendly sportbike that makes it super simple to enjoy all the cool things about motorcycling. You can’t miss the sexy styling — from the sleek fairing with twin cat’s eye headlights to the race-style cast wheels to the rich, gleaming paint, it’s pure eye candy. And what’s underneath the sweet exterior is just as exciting. The CBR125R includes all the features you’re looking for in your first bike or your next bike, all combined in an amazingly light and compact package.

Read the PDF file for more “Honda Winning Combinations” here .

So there you have it…. a very cool way to afford your new found sport. If you get in soon, you can even ride it to Port Dover for Friday the 13th…. How cool would that be? Don’t pass this one up….

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