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Celebrate: Canada Day!

Posted by gottabkd on Thursday, June 28, 2007


 Canada Day is July 1st every year… it’s the day of our birth… the day a nation was born and although we are not an “old” country, we do love Canada!

So put on your toque and order up some Canadian back bacon: it’s time to get set for our annual celebration of all things Canuck.

Did you know that you can drop Taiwan, an island that is 394 kms long (245 miles) and 144 kms (89 miles) wide, into Lake Superior and it would completely disappear. Or that the country of France can fit into New Brunswick (one of our smaller provinces) 3 times over. Or that the moon will fit, flat and end to end, over 10 times into our great and vast Country. Canada is huge geographically. It’s the 2nd largest country in the world and takes up most of North America. Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories and only 33 million people. We have two official languages, French and English (thanks to Pierre Elliott Trudeau our 15th Prime Minister and goof) with it’s capital being Ottawa and it’s largest city is Toronto, Ontario. Yonge Street is the longest in the world and the CN Tower is (was) the tallest free standing structure in the world “however, its status as the world’s tallest building is contentious”. Ah well… to us it’s just tall. Most countries love us and most Canadians are too polite…. but that’s who we are. I have even heard my American friends say that when they travel, they would rather say they are Canadian than American…. especially in this contentious climate. C’est la vie!

So what will you be doing this long weekend? Here are some choices:

Canada’s Wonderland is still a wonder! No longer part of the Paramount group but now the Cedar Fair group, it has some of the coolest rides in Canada. They also have an awesome fireworks display that can be seen for miles.

The City of Mississauga is having a free celebration Sunday July 1st including free food. Fireworks included.

The City of Toronto is also having their own celebration located at Mel Lastman Square.

The Chin Picnic is also free, at the CNE grounds and is celebrating 41 years!

For more about Toronto, refer to my article here. There really is no excuse to NOT celebrate Canada Day…. so get out an enjoy what we have to offer…

For factoids and other events across the country, check out windows live spaces here .

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