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Summertime: Keeping it Cool!

Posted by gottabkd on Tuesday, June 5, 2007

As the BBQ season begins to heat up, we think of taking our cooking outdoors. Often firing up the briquettes, tossing up some summer salads, then topping it all off with ice cream. The cool fresh flavours of summer are what the season is all about.

The burgers are cooked and the table is set…. only thing missing is the desert. You wonder to yourself how you can bring out desert while not having it melt away to a liquidy nothingness… Well the creation of an ice bowl may solve your issue.

Here’s what you need and how:

ice bowl 2

2 bowls
distilled waterTake one 6 quart bowl and one 3 quart bowl.
Fill the larger bowl 1/2 way up with DISTILLED water.
Put the smaller bowl inside the other bowl and tape it down with freezer tape or weight it down with some kind of weighting that does not allow the top bowl to touch the bottom of the bottom bowl.Let it stick up a little above the bigger bowl.

At this point you can take some fresh flowers and arrange them around the sides along with some greenery or freeze for one hour and then add star fruit, orange slices or any other fruit. Once filled, freeze the bowl for 2 days.
Take out and let sit until you can remove the bowls or you can quickly run it under hot water and pop it out of the bowl. Be careful—it’s fragile! Using distilled water makes the ice clearer than tape water, but you could probably use filtered water just the same.
You can put sherbet in it, or even some shrimp. Keep the bowl on ice or in the freezer until you are ready to use it.
Place the bowl on a silver tray, that has sides to catch the water as it melts. Place a few paper towels on it and then place a decorative doily on top of that.

The ice bowl will last about two hours at room temperature; make sure to drain off melting water periodically.

ice bowl granita

If the bowl does not melt completely, you can replace it in the large bowl, top with smaller bowl and pour in water to fill. Freeze as before and store for your next gathering. Voila!

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